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Professional Development Committee
April 12, 2016
Present:  Charles Poff, Twila DeMasters, David McGee, Julie Dailey, Rebecca Honeycutt, Peter Dorman, Linda Mallory, Gary Randolph, Jane Pearson, Cynthia Lafaso, Loretta Marshall, Jim Lemons. Dr. Capps was present as an invited guest
Loretta Marshall called the meeting to order.

The first order of business was to amend the minutes from the March 1, 2016 meeting.  A motion was made by Dr. Lemons to remove Option 2 from the ways to choose Professional Development Funds.  This motion was seconded and approved by those present.
Gary Randolph asked that his name be included in the roster of Professional Development Committee members, as he is the Chancellor's Faculty Advisory Council member representing Central Virginia Community College.

David McGee asked if required professional training is separate, and funded differently, than those funds allotted to Professional Development for an academic year.  Dr. Capps stated that the Professional Development funds were more for discretionary professional development and not required professional development or training.  He further stated that required training and professional development should be part of the operating budget for departments/divisions.
A discussion followed as to who should be included in the pool known as "faculty" as relates to professional development funding.  Dr. Capps suggested that Lewis Bryant be included in further discussions of the allocation process.  The committee discussion involved whether the academic faculty, counselors, and librarians were included in that term.  The consensus of the committee was that all faculty should be included for professional development funding.
Per policy of the Professional Development Committee, a survey is to be conducted to determine who will or will not be using professional development funds for the upcoming academic year so that allocation can be more accurate and individuals will be able to know further in advance the annual funds available for that year. 

Dr. Lemons presented a motion that all immediate supervisors responsible for evaluations be required to conduct a survey of their employees regarding the use of Professional Development funds for the upcoming academic year.  The choice to use or not use funding is irrevocable for that academic year.  The survey results are due by June 10, which is the end of the fiscal year.  This motion was seconded and approved by the committee members present.
The Proposal for two options for faculty to select; one year or three-year cycle funding of professional development was accepted by the committee and will be sent to the Faculty Association for approval in the upcoming academic year.
Loretta Marshall stated that the election of Officers for the 2016 - 2017 Professional Development Committee year will be conducted by email and the results posted for those still on the committee for the next academic year.
Submitted by Julie Dailey
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