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Professional Development Committee
September 6, 2016
Present:  David McGee, Mary Canfield, Gary Randolph, Sarah Jarrett, Linda Mallory, Lorenz Chan, Liz Boothe, Twila DeMasters, Irene Wheeler, Charles Poff, Allison Moore, Muriel Mickles
Absent:  Jim Lemons, Jane Pearson
David McGee made the motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Gary Randolph seconded and the motion was approved.   
Charles Poff, Chair, reported that the President’s Office has requested that a Task Force be formed to concentrate on a new Professional Development Plan which will be more campus-based as opposed to our on-going individual approach.  The new Task Force will be chaired by Irene Wheeler.  Members may include Charles Poff, David McGee, Alison Moore, Francie Dye, Ed McGee, Kevin Riley and Sarah Jarrett.  Charles asked if there were others on the Professional Development Policy Committee who may like to join the Task Force with the goal of having around 10 members as there will be significant time involvement to meet the deadline.  There was a discussion about having an Administrative Assistant on the committee.
Irene stated that the Task Force will meet once a week for approximately two hours with extra tasks as assigned.  The goal is to have a new plan by October.   Abby Stonerock from the VCCS will be returning to CVCC for additional meetings and the new plans may follow the lines of the QEP Reading and Writing Center.
Charles asked if there were any items this Committee would like to pass to the Task Force.  Discipline Specific Professional Development and New Employee Orientation were two items that were suggested.  The Task Force plans to offer a virtual suggestion box to give all employees input into topics.  Muriel suggested that the Task Force follow the Loss Momentum Framework of Connection – Entry – Progression – Completion when planning the activities.
$42,000 has been budgeted for Professional Development this year and at this time no funds will be distributed under the old individual-use plan until the new plan is in place.
Dr. Capps joined the meeting and expressed how our layout of Professional Development for the last four years was a hindrance and that he was confident that the Task Force will be able to construct a new plan.
The Professional Development Policy Committee will stay intact and the Task Force will report back to the Policy Committee.
Submitted by Twila DeMasters
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