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Present:  Sarah Jarrett, Twila DeMasters, Jane Pearson, Linda Mallory, Liz Boothe, Alison Moore
Absent:  Lorenz Chan, Charles Poff, David McGee, Mary Canfield, Gary Randolph, Marc Zoccola, Jim Lemons, Irene Wheeler, Muriel Mickles
The meeting was conducted by Sarah Jarrett in the absence of Charles Poff.
Linda Mallory made the motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Alison Moore seconded and the motion was approved. 
The Part-Time Staff Association submitted a minor change for the Professional Development Policy.
Where the policy currently lists Part-Time Staff among the eligible groups with the qualifier “minimum of 20 hours worked per week and must obtain supervisor approval” to instead read “must have supervisor approval including confirmation of available hours.”
Another notation (recommended by HR) will be added to the appropriate place within the document to read “For Part-Time Staff, supervisors may flex hours up to permit participation in a professional development event as long as the employee does not exceed the maximum hours available for that position.”
Jane Pearson made a motion that we accept the change as listed above.  Linda Mallory seconded the motion and the motion was approved by those present.  Gary Randolph, David McGee and Charles Poff approved the change prior to the meeting with Sarah Jarrett. 
Per Dr. Capps, the Professional Development Plan will be implemented for the new budget year starting July 1, 2017.  It will not be implemented mid-semester.
The College Governance Committee will vote on the Plan at their meeting on January 31, 2017, Amherst 2207. Then it will go to the President’s Cabinet.
Sarah mentioned that the committee had requested video recording of the Convocation sessions.  This was an oversight for the January 2017 Convocation.  Future Convocations will be video recorded and posted for campus viewing.  PowerPoints from all Convocation Sessions will be posted for campus viewing by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.
Next Meeting:  February 28, 2017, 2307 Amherst
Submitted by Twila DeMasters
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