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Present: Charles Poff, David McGee, Lorenz Chan, Mary Canfield, Sarah Jarrett, Twila DeMasters, Jane Pearson, Liz Boothe, Alison Moore, Marc Zoccola
Absent:  Gary Randolph, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Linda Mallory
The meeting was conducted by Charles Poff.
David McGee made the motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Sarah Jarrett seconded and the motion was approved. 
David and Charles led a discussion regarding the appointment of a Professional Development Coordinator by Dr. Capps.  This appointment should start late in the Summer semester or in the Fall semester. 
The committee also discussed the committee’s involvement in the blind review process in some of the categories. 
The new Professional Development plan has been approved by the President’s Cabinet.
The group discussed the number of members who will be rotating off the committee and our process to vote on a new Chairperson and Recorder.  The Faculty Committee is working on suggestions now for open positions to be filled from their membership.   It was suggested that Classified Staff and Part-Time Staff may also want to include Committee Memberships in one of their upcoming meetings.
Next Meeting:  April 11, 2017 in 2307 Amherst.  Topics include:
“Basics of Reviewing Grant Applications” by David McGee
Committee’s plan to assist Administration with Convocation course topics as well as the videoing of the presentations.
Committee Membership for next year
Submitted by Twila DeMasters
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