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Professional Development Policy Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2017


The regular meeting of the Professional Development Policy Committee was called to order at 1:00pm on September 5, 2017 in Room 2307 by Sarah Jarrett.


Liz Boothe, Mary Canfield, Juville Dario-Becker, Twila DeMasters, Cynthia Lofaso, Linda Mallory, Muriel Mickles, Alison Moore, Charles Poff, Gary Randolph, Sarah Jarrett

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes from April 12, 2017 were approved.

New Business

Sarah Jarrett discussed the role of the Professional Development Policy Committee
·         Recommend Convocation activities.
·         Work with the Coordinator of Professional Development to administer and analyze a professional development needs survey.
·         Make suggestions for professional development activities.
·         Provide teams to review applications for competitive funding requests and determine awardees.
·         Assist Coordinator of Professional Development in annual evaluation of Professional Development program.
·         Assist Coordinator of Professional Development in determining annual budget allocation percentages.
·         Review and revise the Professional Development Plan annually.
Alison Moore stated that the new Professional Development Plan is in the process of being made available on the web under Employee Manual.  As we progress under the new PDP, there will be tweaking, especially with reference to the due dates and notifications dates. 
The Committee discussed and approved moving all due dates and notification dates back one month.  Sarah will draft the new revised policies to indicate the date changes and some minor improvements to the Policy itself, applications, etc.  These will be sent to the PD Policy Committee for review and vote as needed prior to presenting them to the College Governance Council meeting on September 12.
The Professional Development Budget for the 2017-2018 academic year is $45,000.  No employee will be awarded more than five-percent of the budget ($2250), for this academic year.
Alison stated that the Education Tuition Assistance (ETA) is 30% of the budget, ($13,500), and that this allotment may not be enough.  Alison asked the Committee to consider raising the allotment.
After much discussion, the Committee agreed to let the program run as is for this year, and to consider modification at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.
Alison stated that she had received ETA requests totaling 55% of the ETA budget.
After much discussion the Committee agreed, that the ETA budget is to remain equally divided between the semesters, and that all requests received by the September 15th deadline for fall will be awarded the same percentage.
Alison will meet with Lewis Bryant and Muriel Mickles to review ETA requests and establish a percentage for each award that is given in order to allow more people to receive some level of benefit.
Two Ad-hoc committees were created to review PD request. Sarah Jarrett, Liz Boothe and Mary Canfield served, September 5th.  Sarah Jarrett, Cynthia Lofaso and Charles Poff to serve on September 18th.

Agenda for Next Meeting

Convocation Feedback and suggestions
Goals for this year:  Implementing policies


Meeting was adjourned at 2:05pm by Sarah Jarrett. The next general meeting will be at 1:00 pm on October 10, 2017, in Amherst 2307. Note; Sarah is unable to attend this meeting, so an alternate meeting leader or date may be requested.  Watch your email for information.
Minutes submitted by:     Mary Canfield
Approved by:                   Sarah Jarrett
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