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MinutesProfessional Development Policy Committee
January 30, 2018
In attendance:  Sarah Jarrett, Muriel Mickles, Liz Boothe, Twila DeMasters, Juville Dario-Becker, Cynthia Lofaso, Charles Poff, Alison Moore, and Linda Mallory.  Not present: Emily Muniz (no coverage), Lynn Dillard (in class), Mary Canfield (appointment), Jim Lemons, Joseph Penrod, and Gary Randolph.
Approval of Minutes from November 28, 2017
Muriel moved to approve and Juville seconded.  Motion passed.
Old Business:
  1. Extended Brown Bag on December 4.  Any thoughts or feedback from those who attended?  Mostly positive feedback.  Attendance was good.
  1. Feedback on Spring Convocation
    1. Format – Shorter big-group; more breakouts—Well-received overall
    2. Keynote speaker – Kevin McCarthy
    3. Blackboard Collaborate vs. taping –Sarah will work to get recordings available through the Bulletin or another way.
    4. Professional Development Meet and Greet – Was a late open day; attendance was lighter than hoped, but there were some good questions and it was good to explain procedures in person.
New Business:
  1. Additional Discussion-Ideas for Spring Events
Alison is working on developing a “mini-Convocation”, possibly during Spring Break, to offer an opportunity for those who could not attend Spring Convocation to get similar information. Watch for more info.
Ed McGee is offering two sessions on how to use Blackboard Collaborate to keep classes going during inclement weather.  There is a session tonight and tomorrow.
New Horizons – Deadline to register is February 16.
Alison is working on a dual-enrollment faculty development workshop for spring, to include classroom management techniques, etc. and it will be open to all and encouraged for those who are teaching high school students.  Watch for info.  Timing will probably be between our end of spring semester and graduation.
  1. Competitive application review
Application review will commence at the close of meeting.
Minutes completed by Sarah Jarrett.‚Äč
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