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Professional Development Policy Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018


The regular meeting of the Professional Development Policy Committee was called to order at 1 pm on September 4, 2018 in Amherst, 2307.


Sarah Jarrett
Schinae Gross-Williams
Emily Muniz
Jim Lemons
Charles Poff
Jeff Laub
Liz Boothe
Linda Mallory
Juville Dario-Becker
Alison Moore
Xavier Retnam
Muriel Mickles
Cynthia Lofaso
Twila DeMasters
Michael Babcock

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of April 10, 2018 were distributed.  Charles Poff moved to approve and Muriel Mickles seconded.  Minutes were unanimously approved.

Open Issues


New Business

1.      Review role of Professional Development Policy Committee as defined within the Professional Development Policy Plan, and adopted in January 2017.
a.       Details of what the Professional Development Policy provides to faculty and staff.
b.      Budget increased from $45,000 to $54, 000 for 2018-2019 year
c.       Juville Dario – Becker - raised question of policy if there should be some type of clause/statement for participants to sign that ensure that after completion of PD program talent is contractually retained for a certain amount of years. Per previous research there is no VCCS policy that states this, but may look into this further. Per Dr. Mickles no issues have occurred with employees leaving after receiving PD benefit, it helps them to grow and be successful within current role.
2.      Review PD policy format and proposed changes that were sent out previously.
a.       Last year found that there were too many funding outlets within the policy
b.      Clumped all conferences together
c.       Forms in process of being on portal
           i.      Currently on Google Drive sent via email by Alison Moore sent on August 17, 2018.
           ii.      Each division’s office also has physical copies of the forms
d.      Suggested that on the email provide instructions on how to save these forms from Google Drive to Microsoft Word
e.       Page 9 of policy provides instructions on what to do during the summer months.
f.        If someone misses proposed scheduled due date will be handled on a case by case basis.
g.      Voting Occurred
 i.      Cynthia Lofaso proposed to move new PD Policy Format
 ii.      Muriel Mickels second
 iii.      PD policy unanimously approved by committee.
3.      Review proposed Schedule of Funding dates for the year
a.       Beginning in the fall will create, review, and approved Schedule of Funding for the next year.
b.      “Create pathways and not barriers for our faculty and staff to receive and obtain resources to utilize for their professional growth”
c.       Voting occurred
 i.      Muriel Mickels proposed to move Schedule of Funding
ii.      Jeff Laub second
iii.      Schedule of Funding unanimously approved by committee.
4.      Updates from Alison
a.       October 12, 2018 – mid-year convocation. 11:30 am – 2:30 pm lunch type of event. Will consist of information presented on August 17, 2018 convocation. Attendees will need to sign up.
b.      Juville Dario- Becker – awaiting approval for workshop from VT
c.       Cynthia Lofaso – Hunter Boylan to speak on September 14, 2018 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. About 40 seats.
5.      Convocation Feedback and Suggestions
a.       Positive feedback
b.      Likes the shorter format
6.       Set Goals for this year
a.       Jim Lemons – utilize PD Committee to obtain approval from VCCS to open tuition for all community colleges rather than just CVCC courses.
 i.      Future would like this policy to allow for all public colleges (4 year institutions)
b.      Continue to increase knowledge of PDC – keep getting the word out and increase participation in PD events.
c.       Respond to applications in a timely manner. Must have commitment from committee to ensure applications reviewed by due dates.
d.      How can we make things more clear?
 i.      Check current intranet/portal to ensure older forms/processes are removed. Alison Moore to get with Will Perez to update.
ii.      Video – show how to access forms
iii.      Presentation at Convocation – same concept as video
iv.      Survey at the end of the year to receive feedback on process
v.      Encourage people to read their emails. Contact Diane Sykes to provide verbiage on Daily Bulletin on PDC Policy/Forms.
7.      Additional Discussion?
a.       Cynthia Lofaso – need volunteers for mentor program
8.       Application reviews—Divide and conquer existing applications
a.       Agreed to review applications ad hoc

Agenda for Next Meeting



Meeting was adjourned at 2 pm by Sarah Jarrett. The next general meeting will be at time on October 9, 2018 at 1 pm, in Amherst 2307.
Minutes submitted by:
Schinae Gross-Williams
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