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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 1/28/2019 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Juville Dario-Becker, Cynthia Lofaso, Emily Muniz, Charles Poff, Muriel Mickles, Liz Boothe, Jim Lemons, Xavier Retnam. Members Absent:  Schinae Gross-Williams (sick), Linda Mallory, Michael Babcock, Jeff Laub, Gary Randolph
Approval of Minutes from November 27, 2018. Muriel moved to approve and Juville seconded. Minutes were approved as written.
Old Business:
  1. Links to all forms and to the process are in the Bulletin—Thanks to Alison and Dianne Sykes.
  1. Spring Convocation
Very positive feedback. Bridges out of Poverty session was particularly powerful.  Group thought it was good to have the time to offer wide variety of trainings. Several people suggested it would be better to clearly state the sessions that are mandatory for faculty, rather than just saying they are strongly encouraged.  It’s easier for everyone to plan their time during Convocation if the expectations are clear.
We will make recording of all Convocation sessions, including the large general sessions and the smaller breakouts, part of our standard operating procedure in the future.  Even with the mid-semester Convocation, not all sessions can be replicated, and some may also be timelier for viewing at the beginning of the year. Alison will add this to her planning documents.
It was also suggested that perhaps some of the shorter breakouts could be offered again during the year as Lunch and Learns.
  1. Professional Development information online
Alison has collected all the professional development forms, info on how to request funding, due dates, and a calendar of events (coming soon), in a simple google site that can be easily shared on campus. 
  1. Form needed
Based on a few situations regarding a recent on-campus professional development series, Alison will create a request form for supervisors to sign authorizing professional development time for staff to attend On-Campus Professional Development events that are during regular working hours.
  1. Spring Professional Development Ideas
Can we organize some brown bag professional development events this spring? Topic ideas include Chrome River tips led by on-campus experts/frequent users, Financial Planning, (Jim Lemons?), Early Alerts, EAB Navigate.
  1.  Question Ideas for PD Spring Survey
  1. Would employees be interested in taking CVCC classes for credit that were offered just to employees? Topics might include healthy lifestyles (combine cooking and fitness), French cuisine, computer classes, such as QuickBooks, etc.  Could be offered as 1-3 credit, “195-Topics In” courses and taught as part of instructor teaching load. This would add to FTE totals as well, but would be free to the employees as part of their 6 credits per semester allowable credits.  Could be offered in a pass/fail format.
  1. Do employees know they can take 6 credits per semester at CVCC for free? Do they know the process for doing so?
  1. Did you participate in any professional development activities this academic year?  Could offer a list and tell people to answer yes if they did any of the following activities or events.  If no, why not? Multiple choice answers of too hard, forgot about it, schedule didn’t permit, not aware of opportunities, afraid of Chrome River, etc.
Continue to brainstorm ideas and Alison and Sarah will plan to send out some possibilities before the next meeting.
Future Meeting Schedule:  All meetings are scheduled for Amherst 2307, 1:00-2:00 pm
March 5, 2019
April 16, 2019   Change this meeting to 1:15 PM on April 23, 2019.  Sarah and Alison are not available on April 16.
Sub-groups may be needed at other times for application review, but we will aim to do this at end of our meetings when at all possible.
None at this time.
None at his time.
Sarah Jarrett (Chair)
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