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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 4/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
Schinae Gross-Williams, Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Liz Boothe, Twila DeMasters, Cynthia Lofaso, Jeff Laub, Emily Muniz, Charles Poff, Linda Mallory
Michael Babcock, Juville Dario-Becker (interviews), Jeff Laub, Muriel Mickles (interviews), Xavier Retnam, Jim Lemons
The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Linda Mallory moved to approve. Charles Poff seconded. The minutes of March 5, 2019 were unanimously approved and distributed.
  1. Thanks to all who have assisted with reviewing applications this year!  Your assistance has been much appreciated!  Stay tuned for any last-minute reviews to come as we close out our fiscal year. 
  1. Professional Development Participation and Budget Update
    1. Spring requests to see what percentage is left. Will have by mid-May Lewis Bryant to review and notify how much is left within the budget.
    2. So far we have been able to support everyone who has submitted a request.
    3. Thanks to Allison for keeping track of the budget.
  1. Mid-Semester Convocation Update
    1. Went well during spring break was not as many people as Fall Convocation.  Real informal and discussion oriented.
    2. Late sessions (after lunch) not well attended. Chief Dove’s session no one attended. Morning sessions very well attended. Think because of timing (after lunch) and because of general interest.
    3. Standard to keep Spring Convocation.
    4. Idea – have administrators record their message/session if unable to physically attend Spring Convocation.
    5. Fall Convocation – will always be recorded if allowed.
      1. Where would we house recording? Possibly email out as a link
      2. Emily Muniz – notified of recordings being housed on Canvas and can email out a link.


  1. Annual Professional Development Survey – review questions
    1. Could be survey monkey or Google Form – preferably google form as easy and still anonymous
      1. Suggestions: Question 1:
        1. What about taking a CVCC class?
        2. Add: I took a class for CVCC credit
        3. Add: Other
        4. Add: Brown Bag Series
        5. Cynthia – questions long, confusing for people taking survey. Simplify? Helps with readability.
          1. Create possible logic
        6. Drop: Wording: “Academic Degree I am pursuing”
      2. Question 3
        1. Remove: Morning, Lunchtime, Afternoon, Late Afternoon
        2. Remove: Ideal
      3. Question 5
        1. Separate and add additional question (#6)
        2. If you answered yes for #4 do you have any topics? Can be professional or personal topics
        3. Make separate professional topic (#6)
      4. Question 8:
        1. Not as many year selections: 
          1. Less than 2
          2. 2-10
          3. 11-20
          4. More than 20
      5. Total of 10 questions
      6. How to incentivize:
        1. Drawing?
          1. Make names optional at the end
          2. Muriel place in email
          3. Where to get funding for gift cards? Ask Lewis
          4. Notify will take less than 5 mins
          5. Instructions need to be very bulleted
      7. When should we send out and how long to give to respond?
        1. Send out Monday 4/29 and due back by Friday 5/3
        2. Send reminder 2 days prior to closing
        3. Provide extension to complete only if low #s
  1. Fall Convocation Planning? 
    1. Spring 2020 will offer extended time for professional development opportunities.
  1. Summer Plans:
    1. Continue to streamline applications themselves for easier printing and completion
      1. Clarify what people need to attach
      2. Order of doing things, checklist
      3. Professional memberships: New process of paying upfront rather than reimbursement. Alison to gain clarity.
    2. Review survey results to guide future planning
    3. Review summer applications and requests as needed
  1. Other topics or issues for discussion?
  1. Election of Chair for 2019-2020
  1. Liz Boothe nominated Sarah Jarrett
  2. Alison Moore seconded         
  3. Group unanimously voted
  4. Sarah Jarrett is chair for 2019-2020
Future Meeting Schedule:  No future meetings are scheduled, however committee members may be needed to review end-of-year applications, survey results, etc.  Please keep an eye on your email for assistance requests.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm by Sarah Jarrett.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Schinae Gross-Williams
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