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Committee Name: Professional Development
Meeting Date: 9/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

Schinae Gross-Williams, Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Liz Boothe, Cynthia Deutsch, Jeff Laub, Linda Mallory, Michael Babcock, Muriel Mickles, Jim Lemons, Layia Perry, Barbara Thurston

Lorna Nelson (family illness), Wendy Ayers (class), Xavier Retnam

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

Muriel Mickles moved to approve. Jeff Laub seconded. The minutes of April 23, 2019 were unanimously approved and distributed, following one correction regarding attendance.

  1. New reimbursement rules from VCCS.  No more reimbursements for memberships or registration fees.  These must be paid by CVCC through Chuck Young in purchasing.  Effects on our process?
    1. Communication to direct participants to follow the PDC’S process of completing and submitting applicable forms
    2. Once PDC approves committee will approve the request to be processed by Chuck Young 
  2. Alison has worked on a format to streamline the application process for applying for funds, starting with the affected areas above.  Review.
    1. Allison provided tutorial on process
    2. Must complete online form
    3. AND still need physical paper form as it:
      1. Requires supervisor signature
      2. Must provide written reason for request
    4. Attempting to simplify process
    5. Paper copies via interoffice to Alison
    6. Update professional development link to add Communique link to documents/process
  3. Review Schedule for Obtaining Funding Dates for 2019-2020.  Discuss and vote.
    1. $54,273 budget for the year
    2. Tuition assistance is based on percentage and full tuition is not reimbursed.
    3. Speakers on campus funding not utilized – wants committee to start thinking and promoting speakers to bring to campus
    4. Motion to approve the 2019-2020 Schedule of Funding.  Linda Mallory seconded by Cynthia Deutsch. Schedule unanimously approved.
  1. 99 people completed the survey we sent at the end of last semester!  Review summary of ideas.
    1. Encourage/promote Great Teacher Seminar 10/4 register by 9/10 for faculty and adjuncts
    2. Handouts of Survey provided to all
    3. Linda Mallory– partnership with other local colleges to sponsor speakers or know when they are happening to announce/promote here
    4. Systems Office developing Speakers Bureau – Michael Babcock
  1. Professional Development programs in the works.  New ideas to pursue?
    1. Wellness 1 credit class – PDC did not promote current class.
    2. Currently only students attending. Had to change to graded class.
      1. Possibly add wellness cooking aspect with fitness class
      2. Start 2nd week of classes
      3. Must make up time if during the day
  1. Mid-semester Convocation plan?  Or recordings enough? How to distribute recordings? 
    1. Muriel Mickles– should we do a mid-semester convocation usually well received – agreed to continue mid-semester convocations
    2. Will distribute recordings in the meantime, links via Daily Bulletin
  1. Goals for this year?
    1. Streamline process for applying for PD funding for easier completion and review
    2. On-campus offerings
    3. Collaborate with other local colleges for speakers
    4. Stress reduction workshop
    5. Great Teacher seminar – real life examples of classroom mgmt.
    6. Be an active group rather than a place to request funding           
  2. Volunteers to review current applications right after meeting.
    1. Jeff Laub
    2. Alison Moore
    3. Cynthia Deutsch
    4. Layia Perry
    5. Schinae Gross-Williams
Schinae Gross-Williams
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