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Committee Name: Professional Development
Meeting Date: 10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
Schinae Gross-Williams, Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Liz Boothe, Cynthia Deutsch, Linda Mallory, Layia Perry, Barbara Thurston, Lorna Nelson, Xavier Retnam, Wendy Ayers
Muriel Mickles (off-campus meeting), Jeff Laub (out of town), Jim Lemons, Michael Babcock
  1. New Reimbursement Rules - Chrissy Brannan (Guest Speaker)
  • Cannot reimburse for professional membership
  • Must be on PCard -anyone can use does not have to be in their division
  • PDC prcess still the same for approvals
  • Take approval (DPR) which will have funding information from Alison, your documentation (invoice), and then provide the person using the PCard as they need for their logs
  • Conferences - preauthorization in ChromeRiver. Must pick company or employee paid. Employee paid you will be reimbursed. Input notes to assist in any questions approvaers may have
  • Local coferences - probably best to use PCard
  • Vickie Banks has airline card
2. Mid-semester Convocation
  • TBA
3. Clarification of Eligibility for Tuition Assistance
  • Alison to meet with Randall and Lewis to discuss any changes/updates needed for the process. Also the role HR plays on reviewing these.
    • Will be asking HR to serve as the gatekeeper on employee's eligibilty
    • Will send policy to Will Perez to post back on the website
1. Streamlining applications
  • Do we need a cover sheet?
  • Chrome river
Schinae Gross-Williams
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