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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy
Meeting Date: 1/28/2020 12:00:00 AM
Schinae Gross-Williams, Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Cynthia Deutsch, Catherine Sanders, Lorna Nelson, Liz Boothe, Xavier Retnam, Layia Perry
Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Muriel Mickles, Michael Babcock, Linda Mallory, Wendy Ayers,
  1. Spring Convocation Review and Discussion
    • Feedback provided:
      • Sarah Jarrett
        • Enjoyed guest speaker
        • Maybe not plan on Friday workshops as attendance typically low
      • Cynthia Deutsch
        • Length of time - suggests faculty to be included for speaker selection.  It was a significant amount of time to be at a training. Alison Moore stated discussion of this occurred with Muriel Mickles prior to event, but speaker cost the same no matter the timeframe. Felt not unreasonable to ask of faculty.
        • Confusion about if the event was required. Notification stated “Expected” everyone attend, then told later would need to utilize leave if cannot attend. This was not received very well by faculty.  Administrators need to state mandatory/required vs. great training opportunity. If it is mandatory, would be best to use same language as graduation and have same requirement for using leave if needed.  Communication regarding policy should happen well in advance. 
        • Cynthia and Alison to meet with Muriel to discuss. Cynthia also discussing during Faculty Association meeting.
  1. Michael Babcock - Any response to our ideas about faculty/staff/student profiles on the website as a long-term strategy for promoting quality and increasing enrollment
    • Michael absent not here
    • Per Cynthia – Michael presented this idea. Dr. Capps in favor now unsure where it has gone since then
    • Sarah Jarrett– will follow up with Chris Bryant as our committee feels this is something his department would handle.
  1. Streamlining applications update and new administrative support for paperwork – Is this working ok so far?
    • Alison - may start transitioning to Mary Zoccola this semester

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

Cynthia Deutsch moved to approve.  Elizabeth Booth seconded. The minutes of November 19, 2019, were unanimously approved and distributed.  

Mid-Semester Convocation plan
  • During Spring break March 10th – 12th 
  • More focus on Student Services employees
  • Alison to meet with Muriel 1/29/2020 to discuss


Create a calendar for short and brown bag on-campus speakers and events


Identify specific dates and any topics we already know we would like
  • Dates will vary, but pre-set
  • Rotate days
  • Goal have 2 per month and have planned of time
  • One event featuring the Care team – provide scenarios on what to do during certain student situations. Alison to get together with Philmika to plan.


Applications for review this week.
  • Layia, Sarah, Catherine Sanders
  • Time: 2-3pm
  • Only four applications for review
  • 5210


Schinae Gross-Williams (Recorder), posted by Sarah Jarrett (Chair)
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