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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy
Meeting Date: 3/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett, Cynthia Deutsch, Lorna Nelson, Liz Boothe, Alison Moore, Jeff Laub, Layia Perry. Sarah Jarrett, Cynthia Deutsch, Lorna Nelson, Liz Boothe, Alison Moore, Jeff Laub, Layia Perry.
Muriel Mickles (out of town), Jason Ferguson (out of town), Schinae Gross-Williams (out of office), Cathy Sanders (at a conference), Michael Babcock, Linda Mallory, Xavier Retnam, Wendy Ayers
Approval of Minutes from January 28, 2020.  Liz moved to approve, and Cynthia seconded.  Motion passed.

Mid-Semester Convocation is scheduled for Friday, March 20 after a couple of re-scheduled dates.  Dr. Capps had a change in schedule and is unable to participate on this day, but will provide talking points, rather than re-schedule this event again.

Workshop on February 27, 2020 on Handling Difficult Situations with our Students provided excellent information and some good conversations were had.  However, there were only 15 people total in attendance, and only 3 were faculty members, which was disappointing. We’d like to find a time to offer this again, as the information and scenarios presented were outstanding.  One thing that came out of this was the need to post the CVCC Campus Police number in every classroom, where it is easy for faculty to see, 434-832-7700.  It was suggested this could be as simple as a label on the instructor’s computer monitor station.  Several scenarios presented might have bene improved by a call to Campus Police. Cynthia will take this idea to the Faculty Association and get them to push for it.
Other Ideas for Topics for future Professional Development:
Classroom Management for Faculty (tardies, attendance, cell phone policies, etc.)  This has been requested by both administration and faculty.  A sharing format would work best and we would aim to be sure to have several faculty with known good classroom management abilities in the room to get the conversations and ideas started.
Offer a 3-hour short Digital Literacy course for students on how to navigate online material.  This is something that already exists, and the format is set up to integrate into courses already.  It may be a good option this fall for the English department to consider. Lorna shared the idea and will pursue it.
It seems like Wednesday or Friday afternoons might be good times to try some of these sessions, as more faculty are on campus, at least on Wednesdays.
Per the Professional Development Policy guidelines, our committee should send out a professional development survey in the spring to get ideas for future events for the upcoming academic year. Sarah and Alison will look over the old one, add some things, and send out for committee’s review.
Elections will be at the next meeting on April 4.  If you are staying on the committee, please consider taking on the role of Chair or Recorder.
Sarah Jarrett (Chair); Recorder position vacant.
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