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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 4/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett, Alison Moore, Liz Boothe, Linda Mallory, Jeff Laub, Muriel Mickles, Cynthia Deutsch, Cathy Sanders, Jason Ferguson, Michael Babcock, Wendy Ayers, Layia Perry
Lorna Nelson (scheduled meetings with students), Xavier Retnam
Committee Structure suggestions were submitted to Kris Ogden and ideas will be incorporated into the new committee structure version that is going to the College Governance Committee soon. Thanks for great discussion at the meeting and by email from those unable to attend.
Approval of Minutes from March 3, 2020
Muriel moved to approve; Liz seconded. Minutes from March 3, 2020 were approved as written.

Alison is working on developing a regular Professional Development newsletter which will include links to PD opportunities that may be done remotely. One idea is a Virtual Book club. Alison will discuss this idea with Tami Strout, who has facilitated an on-campus book club this year. Most faculty feel pretty overloaded at the moment, so this idea may or may not appeal to faculty as they complete the current semester.  Sarah mentioned that staff are still working year-round, and we need to continue professional development programming that may appeal to staff. Many of them may be eager and ready for professional development opportunities while working remotely.

Cynthia would like to see ideas and training modules to be put together, with multiple samples, in one main place. This would be easier for everyone to find and not be overwhelmed with the ideas and suggestions.

Michael suggested an idea to create “communities of practice” to bring together a cohort of faculty to continue to share ideas, put things into practice, share lessons learned over a period of time, rather than just one-time events. Building on this idea, it was suggested could this be a system-wide initiative, possibly as an outgrowth of peer groups. This would promote collegiality and would allow those with more experience with online teaching to share ideas and assist those who are newer to the process.

Linda mentioned that the Accounting professors in the VCCS had a drop-in Zoom coffee hour to share ideas and it was well-received.

Sarah suggested this sort of thing would also be helpful for staff who may not have an official VCCS peer group and who are part of a small or individual office.

Jason pointed out the need for adequate support to help develop robust online courses for the summer to be sure all students are getting a high-quality experience. This semester was an emergency, but for summer, we should be looking ahead to ensure excellent quality as we promote a new semester of online learning.

Overall, it was concluded that it would be ideal to have professional development opportunities located in one place, regardless of where they originate. It would be easier to have the information stream through one area or website, such as Professional Development, vs. multiple emails from Distance Education, PD, etc.

Sarah and Cathy can assist Alison with developing a web page for Professional Development on the CVCC site if we decide to go that way. Both of them have responsibility for creating and editing their department’s web pages.
Annual Professional Development Survey- Will plan to send this out in August 2020 as a means for starting the new year. This timing was successful for us last year. As time permits, please review last year’s survey and share any suggestions with Sarah or Alison. We will wait to proceed until we know what the fall semester will bring, as this may also change the type of questions we want to ask as well.
Elections - Will table the Elections process until Fall when the new Committee structure is confirmed, new members are in place, etc. Current leadership and group will stay in place until then. We may reach out over the summer as needed to get your thoughts on various issues.
Thanks to everyone for your hard work, eager participation, and fantastic and creative ideas!  It is much appreciated!! -Sarah and Alison
Sarah Jarrett (Chair); Recorder position vacant
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