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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 10/27/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Taz Daughtry
  • Mike Fein
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Sarah Jarrett
  • Alison Moore
  • Emily Pudliner
  • Wendy Ayers (meeting time change)
  • Cynthia Deutsch (meeting time change)
  • Lisa Hodges (conflict – clinicals)
  • Rebecca Honeycutt (meeting time change)
  • Linda Mallory (conflict – student conference)
  • Muriel Mickles (meeting time change)
  • Lorna Nelson (conflict – student conference)
  • Layia Perry (meeting time change)
An email vote was held October 8-9, 2020 regarding the following issues:
  • Modification to the 2020-2021 Professional Development Budget due to a new allocation of $25,000 from CVCC.
  • Approved unanimously on October 9, 2020 via email by the Committee.
  • Details about allocations and the reinstatement of education tuition reimbursement and organization membership support have been provided to the campus community.
Jarrett welcomed members.

Approval of Minutes from September 15, 2020
  • Fein moved to approve; Moore seconded.  Minutes from September 15, 2020 were approved as written.
 Brown Bag Zoon Events
  • On Thursday, October 22, 2020 the Committee held a Brown Bag Zoom Event featuring a discussion on favorite shows to stream or binge watch.  11 people were in attendance.  A variety of shows were discussed, and Moore noted that the conversation was a “light-hearted, no-stress way to hang out.”  The Committee will plan to host similar, light-hearted events in the future.
  • A “Pictionary” style Game Day is in the works for November 2020.  Shannon McDermott suggested the “Pictionary” style game held over Zoom.  McDermott and Moore will co-host the event.  The date of the event is TBD.
  • The Committee discussed additional topics for the Brown Bag Zoom Events and their frequency.  The Committee agreed on monthly events; however, given other events being held by the campus community in December 2020, the Committee will not plan to host a Brown Bag Zoom Event in December 2020.  Following November’s Game Day, the next event will likely take place in January and could be included as an informal event during convocation.
 Other Ideas for Professional Development Programming
  • Convocation – Please submit any ideas for convocation to Mickles or Moore.
  • VCCS Professional Development Opportunities – The VCCS recently circulated an email detailing upcoming professional development opportunities including ALICE Training, Trauma-Informed Training, and Table-Top Discussions.  Similarly, the New Horizons Conference in April will likely be held virtually.
 Other Topics for Discussion
  • CVCC Family @ The Academy Center of the Arts – Moore’s son will be playing Scrooge and Michael Farris’ son will be playing Tiny Tim in The Academy Center of the Art’s production of A Christmas Carol.  Tickets for in-house and live-stream viewing will be available for sale.
  • Book Club – CVCC’s Book Club (organized by Tami Strout of the Writing Center) will be reading The Secret Garden in November 2020.
​Committee Schedule – Jarrett and Moore may need to adjust the meeting time due to schedule conflicts.
Emily Pudliner
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