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Committee Name: Professional Development Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 12/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Wendy Ayers
  • Taz Daughtrey
  • Cynthia Deutsch
  • Michael Fein
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Rebecca Honeycutt
  • Sarah Jarrett
  • Linda Mallory
  • Muriel Mickles
  • Alison Moore
  • Layia Perry
  • Emily Pudliner
  • Lisa Hodges
  • Lorna Nelson (conflict – scheduled to attend an all-afternoon teach-in on the use of surveillance technology in higher education)
Brown Bag Pictionary Event Review – November 18, 2020
  • Presenters Shannon McDermott and Moore attended; however, no participants showed.  It was suggested that people may have Zoom burnout, and that the Committee reschedule the event in the Spring 2021 semester.
Jarrett welcomed members.
Approval of Minutes from October 27, 2020
  • Daughtrey moved to approve; Mickles seconded.  Minutes from October 27, 2020 were approved as written.
 Updates on PD Requests and Budget
  • Two individuals took summer classes and were reimbursed.  Moore combined Fall and Summer requests on the PD tracking spreadsheet to ensure equitable reimbursements across all requestors.  In addition, Fall courses, conferences, and professional memberships have been added to the tracking spreadsheet.  Moore anticipates a few addition requests for Fall conferences and professional memberships.  Chuck Young has been working with requestors to pay for professional memberships.
Ideas for Convocation 2020
  • Moore received six responses to her email to all faculty and staff requesting ideas for Convocation.  Moore and Mickles plan to meet on Thursday, December 04, 2020 to prepare for Convocation.  Despite the low response rate to Moore’s email, the email gave people the opportunity to provide input.
  • Of the six responses, half requested professional development on online classroom design.  Deutsch provided information on the Quality Matters (QM) Program, a peer-reviewed process to ensure quality, online instruction.  Ed McGhee and Deutsch will take training to get the peer review process started.  By Convocation, McGhee may have a sense of what the rubric would look like.  Once Deutsch becomes a Certified Trainer in QM, she can lead additional training for faculty.
  • Round-table discussions could be held during Convocation to share ideas across faculty (e.g., how to get students to engage in real-time).  Daughtrey suggested conducting a survey of students to see what students prefer and what would work better in terms of online delivery (e.g., breakout rooms, polls, elements that students find helpful versus distracting).  Kris Ogden may already be collecting data from students on their experiences.
  • Michael Babcock has volunteered to host a workshop on Zoom Anxiety.
  • While this has always been the goal of Convocation, it is particularly important that this Convocation be useful and relevant.  Faculty and staff are suffering from burnout; so, the information presented needs to be helpful and relevant.
  • Tia McNair, author of the book From Equity Talk to Equity Walk:  Expanding Practitioner Knowledge for Racial Justice in Higher Education, will be the “star speaker” for the week.  McNair’s presentation has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2021.
  • Additional Committee Suggestions
    • Deutsch volunteered to lead a session on best practices.
    • Faculty and staff may benefit from additional Teams or Canvas training.
    • Jarrett suggested a discussion on how to get students engaged in extra campus offerings.  A lot of students are doing the minimum and not committing to the extra.  Mickles suggested that students likely feel the same burnout and fatigue that faculty and staff are feeling.
    • Moore requested that the Committee continue to keep eyes and ears open for any ideas for Convocation.
Emily Pudliner
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