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Marketing Committee Meeting:
November 27, 2012
Catherine called the meeting to order at 1:04.
She distributed documents:
Agenda – Demographics CVCC New Student Survey – Marketing Plan Component
Jill shared about Demographics = Enrollment for Marketing = Fixed audience and who clients are = broken down by zip code. That tells us we are pulling in students from Lynchburg and surrounding counties.  We need to hit harder in Altavista and Evington.
Zip Code Sort = concentration of location of students we have and locations we don’t have students from… shows us where we need to promote our school
She said we need to break it down in age too….
More thoughts from Jill:
·         Need:  spend money to do some target marketing to boost programs hurting
·         Students seem to know about General Studies but not Culinary Arts, for example
·         How do you feel about promoting programs….which to promote
·         Medical Programs suggested
·         mentioned she’s doing commercial for Engineering Programs – Jeff Laub
·         suggests we can work with Judy Graves on which programs community needs to know about
·         community will not sign up for classes that don’t exist
·         Marketing:  Mass mailings = choose zip code ….send newspaper of class schedules 
·         Market different programs each semester:  Choose programs that need help to market..when they get strong then advertise something else
Strategic Marketing Plan Discussion:
Walter explained background…where marketing plan information came from…Sandra Tanner, TMP, Tourism  Development Specialist.  He attended a free workshop with her.
Catherine Stated:  Our mission = same as CVCC Mission Statement
Mike:  Read the CVCC Mission Statement
Suggestion:  Market Workforce Development Classes – not just targeting only students but folks who foot the bill for classes
Discussion of our Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT)
·         Partnership w/Areva & Others
·         Affordability
·         Transferability – transfer agreement
·         Smaller Class Size
·         Flexibility = lots of teachers make allowances for students life happenstances
·         Flexibility = night classes so students can work and go to school – Suggestion:  we can offer more at night = career-focused training
·         Library renovations
·         Quality Instructors – our instruction is more informative – our faculty is teaching-focused as opposed to working on tenure & dispositions, etc.
·         Being part of VCCS System
·         Four year schools like degreed transfer students…they have proven themselves to be good students.   Suggestion:  We can get data on graduates who have obtained jobs
·         Public perception …..CVCC not a real college
·         Public doesn’t know what we offer
·         Student Activities = re:  sports as opposed to skate rinks, etc. like @ LU…(Renovations to student center will include nooks and coffee shops which will help)…..SGA rep said:  they are doing their best with money available
·         Need:  to feel more like campus with team spirit…..B&G will paint trash cans w/cougars, etc.
·         Visibility – need a sign down on Wards Rd.  We had requested in the past but city declined….John Pool will revisit …..5 years ago…Judy Graves said she requested it….answer was …it cost too much….
SUGGESTION:  Put high sign on our campus…..GET SIGN @ BOTH ENDS = Wards Rd.
And Wards Ferry Road…..right now there is NO SIGN AT ALL ON WARDS ROAD
·         Market our transferability to parents….affordable…transfer… more in dual enrollment & early college
·         Offer transfer to engineering…more classes (curriculum for transfer to other than what we offer
·         Get Parents in Open House….mail to parents cost comparison  Re: CVCC – 2 years vs. UVA – 2 yrs.
·         Get COUNTY SUPERINTENDENTS to market CVCC like LCS – focus on getting kids to apply somewhere
·         Market/commercials to highlight certain vocations we have
Distance Ed – Weekend Classes = market to folks who work & want degree (Curriculum committee needs this idea)
·         Four-year schools think they’re better than CVCC because they charge more; thus Four-year school completion in marketing
·         LU Culinary Program…they start everything we do
·         VTI in  Altavista  – focusing on job skills
·         Depending on State Funding only
·         Four-year schools have more endowments than us
·         We don’t know where alumni are
·         Get money from alumni
For Next Meeting:
                Catherine will type of S-W-O-T
                Let her know if we think of others via email
Meeting Adjourned – 2:01 p.m.
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