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Marketing and Public Relations Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Room 5142
Janelle Fedele                                 Zach Betterton
Mike Danos                                       Jill Markwood
Walter Krug                                       Catherine Rice
Patrick Gatti                                       Xavoer Retnam
Donna Hobbs                                   Linda Rodriguez
Michele Fletcher                              Mike Bradford
Kevin Riley
The meeting was called to order by Catherine Rice, chairperson.  Mrs. Rice presented the committee with the accumulated strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) from the previous meeting.
The committee then preceded to discuss competition, market segment analysis and goals for the Marketing and Public Relations committee. 
The committee was asked who is our competition and why are they our competition.  The members of the committee said 4-year colleges is our biggest competitor.  The reason they are competition is that the community has been historically prejudice against CVCC, saying it is 13th grade for high school students.  CVCC needs to advertise that it is just as good as the 4-year college.  Michele pointed out that some 4-year colleges are looking at CVCC for their future students.  Some ways the committee suggested handling the competition was to show how most graduates get jobs immediately after graduation, and how they or their parents saved money starting at CVCC.  It was also recommended that CVCC use graduates in their marketing plan.
The committee then discussed the Market Segment Analysis.  The committee stated that CVCC’s market segment showed that CVCC caters all ages (16-100+) and therefore would need different messages to reach each group.
The committee discussed goals of the marketing committee.  It was stated by the committee that recruitment, image, and total branding should be the main focus. CVCC is the main thing that needs to be marketed with success stories from the alumni.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Catherine Rice
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