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Minutes of PR and Marketing Committee

Meeting 1/28/14

The regularly scheduled meeting of the PR and Marketing committee was held in Amherst Hall room 2207 on 28 January at 1:00 p.m. The meeting convened at 2:10 p.m.
Members in attendance: Mike Bradford, Jana Fedele, , Jill Markwood, Kevin Riley(chair 2013-2014), Pat Gatti, Walter Krug, Xavier Retnam and Michele Fletcher.

Michele Fletcher reported on all that the counseling center is doing to promote CVCC in the community including campus tours, visits to local high schools and elementary schools, college fairs, application week. She also brought copies of their latest color pamphlet. She said that public and private 4-year schools recruit community college students because they are a “better bet” for graduating. They have experience at being in college.

We can market not just by showing the savings for credits at CVCC, but by showing what the potential earnings are in our market for individual degree programs.
Emphasize that community college offers flexibility in changing directions in a fluctuating economy  
Kevin Riley reported that the electronic social networking is on the increase. We have 917 Facebook followers, have added 30 people to the Twitter feed - mostly for the E2campus alerts. We have 50 videos on YouTube, with over 7000 views.
Jill Markwood reported on the video in production that will be a tour of the campus.
Elder program – feeling that getting older residents interested in events on campus might bring the grandkids along, because the kids are often closely bonded with grandparents. Performances or ice cream socials on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon after church.
Our next meeting is 1:00 on Tuesday March 4

Submitted by
Jana Gardil Fedele, BSIE, CIW Associate
Professional Tutor
Student Success Center
434.832.7827 Rm 3205

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