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Public Relations and Marketing
April 15, 2014

Present: Jana Fedele, Donna Hobbs, Patrick Gatti, Xavier Retnam
Absent: Michele Fletcher, Mike Danos, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Kevin Riley, Judy Graves, Corinne Hoisington. Catherine Rice, Jill Markwood, Mike Bradford, Student representative, Workforce representative

Old business: none

New Business: Jana Fedele is rotating out of this committee after 2 years, she will be replaced by Cynthia McCoy.
Early college is both dual enrollment and not

CVCC should reach out to private schools for dual enrollment – LCA

It’s everyone’s job to increase enrollment and retention

Next year’s goal – comprehensive multi-year marketing plan. Be proactive rather than reactive

Emphasize affordability and Workforce Development

Marketing is essential to the growth and survival of CVCC

New president elected – Donna Hobbs

New recorder elected in abstentia – Kevin Riley

Submitted by Jana Fedele
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