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 Public Relations and Marketing Committee
  Tuesday, September 9, 2014 ~ Meeting began at 1:00pm

  In Attendance

Mike Bradford
Mike Danos
Pat Gatti
Kenny Holt
Cynthia McCoy
Wil Perez
Michelle Fletcher
Donna Hobbs (Chair)
Jill Markwood
Shannon Hines
Goals for the YearDonna Hobbs began the meeting asking what the goals for the committee should be for the year.
Develop policy and make recommendations for new and existing marketing strategies for the College and identify opportunities to use media releases of college events and successes.  Maintain and publicize a speaker’s bureau and community outreach opportunities and present the College in a favorable light to the community. The overall goal of this committee is to assist in developing multi-year strategic plans to market the College and its programs and utilize any resources efficiently.  (Handout provided by Mike Bradford)
  1. An official branding guide needs to be finalized and executed. Donna has a first draft of the policy and will email to the committee members for review.
  2. A website and TV monitor content policy needs to be put in place. Wil Perez will send rough drafts of what he has been working on. A question was asked whether VCCS had marketing guidelines that could be followed.
  3. A calendar of recurring events needs to be established (possibly through sharepoint) to ensure that CVCC is represented at local events.
  4. A regular schedule of announcements needs to be sent to local media. Currently Mike Bradford’s office sends on an as needed basis.
  5. Mike Bradford and David Lightfoot are working on the web design and creating social media pages through Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Market CVCC by promoting cost savings, quality of education, and smaller class sizes. Success stories also play an important role.

Discussion Items

  •   Shannon Hines was nominated and elected as recorder of the committee.
  •   Currently there is no budget for a marketing person and the position will remain unfilled at this time.
  •   Comments by Michelle Fletcher were that the public is unaware of what’s going on around campus. Students and parents need to know information regarding transfers and financial aid. 
  •   Student Ambassadors will be at the Get Downtown event on Friday.
  •   Our presence in the Lynchburg Christmas parade is needed. The committee feels this is a student activities project.
  •   Kenny Holt stated in about two years, high school requirements will be changing and seniors will only have Math and Government requirements. This leaves time open for students and could be filled with CVCC classes.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm
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