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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Meeting began at 1:00pm
In Attendance
Donna Hobbs (Chair)
Mike Danos
Pat Gatti
Cynthia McCoy
Wil Perez

Michelle Fletcher

Jill Markwood

Shannon Hines (Recorder)

Discussion Items

Web Content Policy
  • Commentary was provided regarding web content policy.
  • Suggestions were; to be more specific on details and what the processes should be. 
  • Language mentions content owners but doesn’t define.
  • Content needs owner to be accountable/responsible for changes as needed.
  • Content owners should be program/department heads and more specific to content.
  • If changes to policies are made, addendums would be added as needed rather than changing the whole policy. This would fall under the Scope category.
  • Website currently cannot change because of links in the SACSCOC compliance page.
  • Committee would like to readdress need for marketing position after SACS visit is completed. It was stated that Mike Bradford would have to present this to the President’s Cabinet.
  • Marketing message should focus on one segment that has potential for growth (transfer opportunities, dual enrollment, early college, etc.) A demographic investigation is needed to identify market.
Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm 
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