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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Meeting began at 1:00pm

In Attendance

Donna Hobbs (Chair)
Pat Gatti
Cynthia McCoy
Irene Wheeler 
Jennifer Onuffer
Betty Jo Smith  
Wil Perez
Jill Markwood
Shannon Hines


Discussion Items

Web Content Policy
Ø  Wil Perez provided a new rough draft of the Web Content Policy.
·         Pat Gatti suggested minor changes to some of the sections. He also requested that off-site centers be added to the last page.
·         Irene Wheeler suggested minor changes to some of the sections as well.
Ø  Committee voted unanimously to approve the policy, contingent upon the verbal edits from the meeting being made to the final copy. Wil will send the final copy to the committee for a final check for accuracy this week.
Ø  Donna Hobbs will send the final document to CGC to put on agenda for approval.
Branding Guide
Ø  Donna Hobbs provided a draft of the Branding Guide, she would like to have ready for approval by next meeting.
Ø  Currently the guide is located on Sharepoint. Once approved, would like it to be accessible on Communication Central.
·         Irene Wheeler suggested minor changes to a few of the sections.
Ø  Once committee approved, needs to be approved by CGC before it can be implemented, would like done before year end.
Ø  Once approved, need to educate CVCC staff/faculty of branding items available and correct way to use.
Ø  Donna to send sections, “Required Nondiscrimination and Gainful Employment Statements” to John Poole for a legal review to ensure accuracy.
Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm             
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