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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, March 2, 2015
Meeting began at 1:00 p.m.
In Attendance
     Donna Hobbs (Chair)
     Mike Bradford
     Pat Gatti
     Jill Markwood
     Cynthia McCoy
     Wil Perez
     Irene Wheeler
Discussion Items:
Website Content Policy:
·         Donna reported that the CGC has approved the Web Policy Plan, with the recommendation that we develop a plan to communicate the policy; presents draft of letter to content owners/President’s Council and outline of content to be developed for the Daily Bulletin to begin after spring break
·         After content has been developed (with input from Dianne about needed format), Donna will email to committee members
Branding Guidelines:
·         Second draft document was discussed; a few edits still need to be made, but the desire to get this policy to the CDC at its next meeting was expressed
·         Committee agreed to have all edits to Donna by 3/9/15; edits would be made, then final will be emailed to full committee, and voted “yes or no” for approval with a 3/14/15 deadline
Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.
Addendum: Branding & Style Manual voting process: 3/14/15
Final pdf of manual was emailed to committee on 3/11/15, with vote requested by 3/14/15
Voting results as follows (in order received):
·         Jennifer Onuffer—yes
·         Michelle Fletcher—yes
·         Irene Wheeler—yes
·         Mike Danos—yes
·         Mike Bradford—yes
·         Pat Gatti—yes
·         Shannon Hines—yes
·         Wil Perez—yes
·         Jill Markwood—yes
·         Donna Hobbs—yes
·         (Betty Jo Smith, Kenny Holt—no response)
Policy approved by committee 3/14/15
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