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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Meeting began at 1:00pm

In Attendance

Donna Hobbs (Chair)
Pat Gatti
Cynthia McCoy
Irene Wheeler
Betty Jo Smith
Mike Danos
Mike Bradford
Wil Perez
Jill Markwood
Shannon Hines

Old Business

Branding Guide
·         Lawyers have signed off on the CVCC Branding Guide. It has also been approved by the President’s Cabinet.
·         The Branding Guide will need a location other than the employee manual. It needs to be made accessible to the public.

New Business

·         A position request form has been signed to start advertising for the new Marketing Coordinator.
·         All promotional advertising will need to be approved by the new coordinator.
·         Jill Markwood nominated Pat Gatti to serve as the new chair. Mike Danos seconded the motion. He was elected by all committee members.
·         The agenda for the next year will be implementing the branding guide. Donna Hobbs will do a training session during convocation in the fall of 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm
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