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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Meeting began at 1:00pm

In Attendance

Pat Gatti (Chair)
Irene Wheeler
Ken Bunch
Mike Bradford
Kenny Holt      
Wil Perez
Michelle Fletcher
Jill Markwood
Shannon Hines
Joseph Penrod


The committee welcomed Ken Bunch as the new Marketing and Alumni Coordinator.  With over 21 years of marketing experience, Ken will be a great asset to CVCC.
·         Potentially eliminate the Dean of Students Services and replace with Dean of Enrollment.  Pat to get with Muriel regarding change.
·         The Marketing Manager position will hold a permanent position on the committee. Pat to get with Muriel regarding change.
·         John Kilgo will be the student representative for the committee.
Branding Guide
·         Needs to be implemented and added to the intranet and internet. Jill to send Wil marketing and branding guidelines.
·         A vendor link will be added as well.
·         Would like to promote logo placement techniques on daily bulletin.
·         Jill to work with Ken and Will to develop a How-To tutorial flyer and possibly a Jing video.
·         To be completed by 10/1/15.
CVCC Letterhead
·         Jill to develop additional letterhead options for committee review and approval at October meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm    
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