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Marketing and Public Relations Committee 
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Meeting began at 1:00pm

In Attendance

Pat Gatti (Chair)
Betty Jo Smith
Irene Wheeler
Jill Markwood
John Killgo
Ken Bunch
Michelle Fletcher
Mike Bradford
Mike Farris
Shannon Hines
Wil Perez

· Pat Gatti completed change request to eliminate the Dean of Students Services and replace with Dean of Enrollment, which will be a permanent position. Also requesting that the Marketing Coordinator position hold a permanent position on the committee. 
Branding Guide
· Jill to resend current guidelines for members to read. 
· Once approved by the committee, Wil will update the website.
· There will be a new aerial shot on the cover of the guide. 
· Cougar logo also needs to be included in guide.
· Would like to promote logo placement techniques on daily bulletin. 
· Still in process: Jill to work with Ken and Wil to develop a How-To tutorial flyer and possibly a Jing video.
· Subcommittee formed to develop recommendations for policies related to the use of the Branding Guide.  Members include: Irene Wheeler, Ken Bunch, Michelle Fletcher, John Kilgo and Patrick Gatti.
· SGA would like a logo specifically for their club, John Killgo working with Ken Bunch on this. Currently not ready for committee review or approval. 

CVCC Letterhead 
· Jill Markwood provided more examples of the CVCC letterhead. She will make more changes and send to committee through email to vote on the different options. 
· Will be discussed further in next committee meeting in November. 
· Once letterhead is updated, it can be added to branding guide.
Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm   
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