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Public Relations and Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 1:00pm.
Members present:   Cynthia McCoy, Jill Markwood, Irene Wheeler, Mike Danos, Mike Bradford, Wil Perez, Ken Bunch, Joseph Penrod, Patrick Gatti – Guest: Skyler King.
Patrick Gatti updated the committee on the status of the Branding and Style Manual approval process.
He stated that after the Governance Council approved the Manual it was forwarded to the President’s Cabinet for their consideration.  Mike Bradford announced that on Monday, April 11 the President’s Cabinet approved the Manual as submitted.
The election of next year’s Chairperson was conducted.  Jill Markwood nominated Ken Bunch.  It was seconded by Mike Danos and the nominations were closed.   Ken Bunch was elected as the Chairperson for next year.
Patrick Gatti reviewed the current membership roster for the committee to identify members whose term would end and replacements that would be assigned for next year.  Irene stated that she has finished her term on the committee and that she has enjoyed working with its members.
Wil Perez submitted a question for the Committee:  Should forms on our website use the official CVCC letterhead?   After a brief discussion Irene Wheeler moved that the form on our website use the official CVCC letterhead.  The motion was seconded by Cynthia McCoy.  The motion was approved by the Committee.
Patrick Gatti asked the members to suggest topics for future consideration by the Committee next year.
The following items were suggested:
  1. Wil Perez reported that the committee working on the website revision was informed that there were concerns about compliance with Section 508 of the Americans Disabilities Act.  The issue has to do with the contrast of the colors used in the logo presentation. Adjustments may be needed in the Branding and Style Manual in the future based upon the recommendations from the website committee.
  2. Social Media Policy
  3. New design for the banners displayed from the light poles on the campus
  4. Providing Branding and Style Manual training opportunities for the CVCC community.
  5. CVCC email signature policy
  6. Consideration of an SGA logo submitted by Deanne McDaniel.
It was suggested that training for the Branding and Style Manual begin at Convocation.  Ken Bunch will ask for a small amount of time at Convocation to speak about the Manual and Jill Markwood and Cynthia McCoy have agreed to conduct a training session during the Convocation period.
Patrick Gatti thanked the committee for their work this year, especially for the improvements to the CVCC Branding and Style Manual. He said that he appreciated the many hours and work of the sub-committee that researched and developed many specific recommendations for the Manual.
Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm.
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