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Marketing and Public Relations Committee
Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Meeting began at 1:10pm

In Attendance

Ken Bunch (Chair)
Mike Bradford
Elizabeth Narehood
Michael Danos
Jill Markwood                                                                                                                                                                                         
Patti Saffioti
Patrick Gatti
Wil Perez
Deanne McDaniel
April Angotti
Cheryl Cunningham
Michael Bradford started the meeting by presenting a new goal for the committee to work on this year.  The goal is to develop a marketing plan for the Virginia Student Success Leadership Institute.  This initiative is being shared by all 23 community colleges.  Ken said that he would develop an outline to use to begin work on this goal.

Vacancies on the committee were discussed.  Sue Cochrane just assumed the Director’s position at the Appomattox Center; Mike Danos said that a PT Staff Representative has been designated; and Patti Saffioti said that the SGA is working on the student representative. 
It was announced that the new website will be up and running in the Spring and there will be lots of fanfare to introduce it. 

Ken presented a few items to consider tackling this year including developing a social-media policy.  Mike Bradford reminded the committee that the committee focus is policy making.  Ken suggested that a portion of the committee meetings should be dedicated to each person sharing what is going on in their areas of responsibility. This will create better awareness of marketing needs to support activities and of the need for press releases. 

A carryover item from last year was consideration of a logo for the SGA.  Deanne McDaniel said that the SGA is waiting for a decision to approve a logo that was submitted last year.  It was stated that we should look at our new Branding and Style Guide for consideration and then proceed with developing a specific policy regarding organizational logos.
Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm    
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