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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Meeting began at 1:00pm – Amherst room 2309
In Attendance:
- April Angottie
- Mike Bradford
- Ken Bunch (Chair - Recorder)
- Cheryl Cunningham Cheryl Cunningham
- Michael Danos Michael Danos 
- Michelle Fletcher
- Pat Gatti
- Wil Perez
- Elizabeth Narehood
- Jill Markwood
- Patti SaffiotiPatti Saffioti
Ken Bunch started the meeting with a recap of the previous PR committee meeting on Oct. 11 (minutes posted on Comm. Central).
Following the recap, Jill Markwood addressed the group about some needed changes to the CVCC Style Guide.  She said she would be elaborating on the changes more at the next meeting on Jan. 24, 2017.
Following Jill’s update, Wil Perez talked to the group and reviewed some changes he made that needed to be done to the official website guidelines.  The changes dealt mostly with updates to the URL change and some other mundane items such as titles, etc.  However, also proposed where some changes to the website content owner’s policy and a role/title chart.  A full version of the new policy is uploaded with the minutes.
Next, this meeting continued the discussion from the 11/29/16 meeting on how the PR committee might go about forming a comprehensive marketing plan for the college. Discussion focused on:
• The college’s stakeholder and customer base
• The various “marketing segments”
• Key messages and proper positioning of services to each separate marketing segment
• General discussion of possible creative marketing strategies
• Review of what is the role of the PR committee in forming a comprehensive marketing plan
It was decided that the committee would “oversee” and “direct” the creation of a college-wide marketing using an outside vendor.  Ken Bunch will advise the committee on how a suitable vendor search might progress.
1:50 pm. – Meeting adjourned.
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