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January 24, 2017, 1 pm
Amherst Hall Room 2209

1. Mike Bradford
2. Kenneth Bunch (present – chair and recorder)
3. Susan Cochran
4. Cheryl Cunningham (present)
5. Mike Danos (present)
6. Michele Fletcher (present)
7. Kimberly French
8. Pat Gatti (present)
9. Kenny Holt
10. Jill Markwood (present)
11. Elizabeth Narehood (present)
12. Joseph Penrod (present)
13. Wil Perez (present)
14. Patti Saffioti (present)

Chair Ken Bunch called the meeting to order.

First agenda item – Approve Minutes:
  • Ken moved to approve minutes from the 11/29/16 meeting.
  • Minutes approved.

Second agenda item – CVCC Letterhead Change: 
  • Jill explained need for college letterhead changes. Those changes included adding a line at the bottom of the page for the “centers” contact information.  Also, the logo on the masthead was enlarged and centered.
  • Group discussion ensued. Following, motion to approve new design "as is" was voted on and passed.

Third agenda item – New Blue: 
  • Jill explained the need for changing the official CVCC blue from Pantone Reflex Blue to Pantone 293C. The impetus for change is to facilitate and improve print production. 
  • Group discussion ensued. Following, motion to approve new color was voted on and passed. Update to Style Guide to come soon.

Fourth agenda item – Marketing Plan: 
  • Ken updated everyone on where we are with our comprehensive marketing plan.  The plan is being done by an outside vendor.  Once a draft is completed, the plan will then be reviewed by the PR/MARCOM. 

Fifth agenda item – Social Media Plan: 
  • Ken handed out an outline for feedback for a college social media plan.  The group discussed aspects of having a comprehensive social media plan and offered suggestions on how to craft it. Ken said he would review the comments and try to have a draft in time for the next meeting on Feb. 28.  

Other business agenda items – None:
  • There were no other business items. Ken adjourned the meeting. 
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