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Tuesday, September 5, 2017Meeting began at 1:00pm – Amherst room 2309
In Attendance:
Mike Bradford – (present)
Ken Bunch (Chair - Recorder)
Sue Cochran
Michael Danos
Michelle Fletcher
Kimberly French
Pat Gatti
Kirk Gomes – (present)
Jill Markwood
Elizabeth Narehood – (present)
Wil Perez – (present)
Patti Saffioti – (present)
Ken Bunch started the meeting with a recap of the last PR committee meeting on April 11, 2017. At that meeting, Ken Bunch was voted to continue as committee chair for this new academic year session.
Following the recap, the chairperson outlined a three topic agenda for the meeting.
  1. A report on PDF file 508 compliance on the website by Wil Perez
  2. Review of the finalized college marketing plan by the Ivy Group
  3. Review of the final version of proposed Social Media policy

  • Wil Perez started the meeting informing everyone on the nature of the website 508 compliance terms and conditions.  He suggested possible ways the college can meet the compliance requirement. He mentioned that content owners will have to evaluate their current posted PDF files and decide if they can be made compliant or if another option will have to be put forth.  He stated the goal or deadline of having all the PDFs on the CVCC website made compliant or deleted from the website will be Dec. 31, 2017.
  • Following Wil’s update….Ken Bunch passed out a copy of the finalized college marketing plan that was completed in May/June of 2017.  It is a comprehensive research document about CVCC demographics and best media buy choices based on demographic profiles.  He informed the group that the media plan provided with the marketing plan was used for fall enrollment advertising and will be relied upon again for spring 2018 enrollment advertising.
  • The final topics was the issuance of the finalized proposal for a CVCC Social Media policy.  The chairperson requested that committee members review the finalized policy and have any final suggestions ready for the next meeting on Oct. 10, so that the committee could possibly vote on the policy at this next meeting.
  • 1:50 pm. – Meeting adjourned.
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