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MINUTES FOR 9/4/2018

  • Ken Bunch
  • Mike Danos
  • Michele Fletcher
  • Marci Gale
  • Jill Markwood
  • Elizabeth Narehood
  • Wil Perez
  • Patti Saffioti
  • Will Sandidge
  • Maria Wright (student rep.)
  • The first PR/Marketing Committee meeting for CVCC’s academic year 2018-2019, was called to order at 1 p.m., on September 4, by Ken Bunch, the previous academic year chairperson.
  • The chairperson began the meeting by giving a recap of the new Social Media Policy that was approved in spring 2018. He is now working to get it posted live on the Employee Manual webpage.
  • The chairperson also suggested submitting a list of possible new CVCC social media administrators who could help with social media postings.
  • Next, the topic of the committee’s 2018-2019 work agenda was brought up. The chairperson mentioned that Marci Gale had made a suggestion about a better way to let people know about additional financial aid such as grants and scholarships. She remarked that many students are not aware of this resource. 
  • A discussion followed about where and what to focus on for this initiative and when it should be launched. The committee’s consensus was that late May would be a good time to push out this information via different media resources. A non-vote agreement was put forth to make this the committee’s “spring term” agenda item.
  • The next suggestion for consideration was one made by Wil Perez about updating the World Wide Web Policy as now posted on the Employee Manual webpage.  Wil remarked that this policy is very much in need of updating. The committee members agreed and suggested that this initiative be taken up first as the committee’s fall semester agenda item.
  • The final meeting agenda item was the election of a new chairperson.  A motion was made for Jill Markwood to be the 2018-2019 PR/Marketing committee chairperson and Ken Bunch to be the committee recorder. The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous in carrying this motion. 
  • Committee members were given a printout of the World Wide Web policy and encouraged to read it and make suggestions for possible changes for the next meeting on October 9, 2018. 
  • Meeting was then adjourned at 1:45 p.m. 
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