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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 11/26/2018 12:00:00 AM
Ken Bunch (recorder), Mike Danos, Kimberly French, Marci Gale, Pat Gatti, Jill Markwood (chair), Elizabeth Narehood, William Perez, Patti Saffioti, Maria Wright
Susan Cochran, Kris Collins, Kenny Holt, Lana Valez (teaching)
  • Chairperson Jill Markwood calls meeting to order.
  • First topic is approval of minutes. Motion to approve is seconded and passed.
  • Chairperson begins meeting by picking up on review of the World Wide Web policy from previous meeting.
  • Chairperson discusses revisions made and asks for additional changes from the committee.
  • M. Gale asks question about linking a personal information page to CVCC website pages.
  • Chairperson says content owners can create their own personal bio page using CMS.
  • W. Perez says he met with Ed McGhee and decided they need to link “campus” to the CVCC webpage.
  • Says we have to be careful about linking other pages to the CVCC site.
  • M. Gale asks about having a standard bio page for all staff and faculty.
  • W. Perez says there is a difference of opinion about that. Some staff and faculty are not keen on having their photo on the website. There may be security and/or liability concerns.
  • M. Gale suggests at least an improved contact ability on the website. She says if a person doesn’t know a lot about a staff faculty member; it’s hard to look them up with present system.
  • It is noted that some students are shopping for the right professor. That’s why a better listing would be good. Also, need to have the course syllabus on the website. VCCS course description isn’t good enough.
  • W. Perez says Ad Astra will be making some of those type changes.
  • Chairperson next asks W. Perez to explain the new Communique website feature.
  • W. Perez explains that Communique will replace the Communications Central and Employee Intranet sites. He explains that the website is about connection, so some content from the website will migrate to Communique. It will be open to all. Target date for launch is spring/summer 2019.
  • Chairperson resumes review of World Wide Web policy. Explains what was cut to simplify it.
  • She reviews the changes with the committee. It is based on content owners.  She suggests that it is ready to forward to the Governance Committee.
  • K. Bunch asks about how changes to the homepage can be made. W. Perez says that would fall under the purview of the web committee. Asks about how a homepage refresh might work.
  • W. Perez says he is considering it in the next year or so. Thinks that is it satisfactory for now as is.
  • Chairperson says the scope of the World Wide Web policy did not change. Reviews the changes to fundamentals by going through the policy header topics.
  • K. French asks about adding some new pages concerning the Navigators.
  • W. Perez says sure…to put it under counselors’ area or admissions area.
  • Review of policy changes continues until the end of the policy is reached.
  • Chairperson initiates vote to submit draft to Governance Committee. Motion is carried and approved.
  • Chairperson asks for ideas for committee projects and focus for spring semester.
  • M. Gale suggests more promotion concerning scholarships and financial aid.
  • Chairperson will take it under advisement.
  • Motion made to adjourn meeting.
World Wide Web Policy changes.
  • Chairperson initiates vote to submit draft to Governance Committee. Motion is carried and approved.
Ken Bunch
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