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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 1/28/2019 12:00:00 AM
Chris Bryant, Ken Bunch, Kris Collins, Kimberly French, Marci Gale, Pat Gatti, Jill Markwood, Elizabeth Narehood, William Perez, Patti Saffioti
Susan Cochran, Kenny Holt, Lana Velez (teaching)
Meeting called to order at 1 p.m., role taken.
  • Minutes from Jan. 29, meeting reviewed and approved.
  • Meeting began with a notification from Jill that the WWW Policy is approved and active.
  • Communiqué Wil is on that and has made groups.
  • Ken Bunch will have the revision for the Social media policy by the next meeting.
    • Does IT need Access to social media?
    • Yes, for check and balance there is a form, access request form. Wil Perez will check
  • Chris Bryant was introduced.
  • Marketing-Surveys
    • How the surveys are going to be sent out
      • Work with Kevin Riley using Survey monkey
      • Text to tell them to check email
      • Face to face survey taken at events suggested by Kris Collins.
    • Writing questions for Survey groups
      • Student Satisfaction & Marketing (Kimberly & Jill)
        • Student disability/what are the kids are doing? (Maria)
        • Goal is to find out how can we reach out to students?
          • Podcast? Suggested by Maria
      • Alumni (Ken & Chris)
      • Families of student (Marci & Chris)

  • Corporate Leaders (Ken & Elizabeth)
  • All survey question should include
    • gender and age
    • How did you hear about CVCC?
    • What are you studying?
    • Scaling what social media/ entertainment you use the most?
  • Use prizes to encourage students and families to take surveys
  • Policy are all up to date except for the Social media policy
  • General Marketing Policy for public information for the media
    • Press seeking information
  • Survey agreed to help, everyone agreed to help.
  • Ken Bunch Explained where the data from the last company CVCC hired; Ken is to add data to Teams.
  • Motion made to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
None at this time
None at this time
Jill Markwood (Chair)
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