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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 4/15/2019 12:00:00 AM
Adriene Allen, Ken Bunch (recorder), Kimberly French, Marci Gale, Pat Gatti, Jill Markwood (chair), Elizabeth Narehood, William Perez, Maria Wright
Chris Bryant, Kris Collins, Susan Cochran, Michael Farris, Kenny Holt, Patti Saffioti, Lana Velez
Meeting called to order at 1 p.m., role taken.

Minutes from March 5, meeting reviewed and approved.
  • Meeting begins with general marketing discussion regarding social media and other relevant marketing topics.
  • Jill comments on what social media events she considers relevant to students.
  • Group begins final review of the three draft surveys: student, alumni, and family surveys using chairperson’s WORD document projected on the wall screen.
  • Different mobile and social media apps discussed for events including Facebook. Group thinks students get news mostly from mobile apps.
  • Alumni survey reviewed next.  Group determines which questions are relevant and worth keeping. Discussion on what credentials should be included.  Wording of survey questions is debated.
  • Discussion of questions and semantics continues.
  • How would you like to keep in touch with us?  Different methods are discussed.
  • What type of survey response methods are best? Yes/no, fill in with text, etc.
  • Ken Bunch explains the new alumni platform known as WISR for the CVCC alumni webpages.
  • He answers group questions about WISR. Further explains strategy for college alumni relations using WISR and its presence on the CVCC website.
  • Mentions that the launch of WISR is scheduled for around graduation time.
  • Discussion resumes reviewing specific survey questions on alumni questions.
  • Jill reminds group that all surveys need to be approved at this meeting so that they can be reviewed by Governance Committee.
  • Family Survey review is next. 
  • How would it be distributed?  Through students?  With a request for it to be reviewed by all family members?
  • Suggestion about direct mail card being sent out.
  • Ken Bunch noted that SIS information for addresses might be restricted. Also, there is no budget for the survey mailing or other paid type of distribution.  Final determination is to email it to students with a request to review with family.
  • Discussion diverts to related topics.
  • Jill gets review back on track and progress is made in making final determinations on wording.
  • Family survey will be combined with topics such as news and survey respondent feedback.  Desire to make all surveys as comprehensive as possible.
  • Discussion about CVCC student activities and campus life. Campus security question is mentioned to be added.
  • Perception and reputation questions are discussed.
  • Question about what kind of messaging will be going out before the surveys.
  • Ken Bunch said there will be some marketing language encouraging people to please respond to the survey.
  • Jill summarizes how she will prepare the surveys for distribution.
  • Should hard-copy surveys also be placed in student admissions area for handing out?
  • Final wrap-up questions to respondents. What type of information to ask for (data mining).
  • Decision about what “respond to” email should used.
  • General discussion ensues.
  • Chairperson says she will make changes and email out to committee members for email final approval.
  • Topics for next year:
  • Ken Social Media Policy revision.
  • Wil Perez mentions forming policy for the new homepage text box.
  • Jill indicated she will be serving as committee chair for academic year 2019-2020.
  • Ken Bunch got tepid approval for continuing as committee recorder.

Motion made to adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Ken Bunch
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