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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 9/2/2019 12:00:00 AM
Adrienne Allen, Ken Bunch, Chris Bryant, Kris Collins, Twila Demasters, MIchele Fletcher, Kimberly French, Jill Markwood, William Perez, Maria Wright
Pat Gatti, Kenny Holt, Michael Farris, Corinne Hoisington (Advisory Committee Meeting), Patti Saffioti (Out of Town), Lana Velez (Teaching)
Meeting called to order at 1 p.m., sign-up completed taken.
  • Minutes from April 16, 2019, meeting reviewed and approved by Chris Bryant and Kimberly French.
  • Reviewed the three surveys: student, alumni, and family.
  • Maria suggested having some hardcopy surveys printed out for students to fill out in person in the Student Center.
  • Jill reminds us that the surveys were approved and are ready to send out via Survey Monkey.
  • Jill says that Survey Monkey will compile the results. Surveys are approved to go forward.
  • Meeting began with the reading of the committee charter with thoughts that it might need to be updated.
  • The speaker’s bureau aspect of the charter was discussed.
  • Question was raised, what do we have now or what have we done in the past regarding a speaker’s bureau?
  • Discussion as to whether to reconstitute the service and how to promote it.
  • Michele liked the idea of CVCC experts being available to address constituents.
  • Jill suggests that the committee think about how the charter could be updated. Especially focusing on the definition of what a speaker’s bureau is.
  • Chris defines it verbally as experts who make themselves available to speak to outside groups.
  • Some question the functionality of how a speaker’s bureau would work.
  • Jill suggested readdressing the issue later this semester.
    Chris suggested using some of the Foundation board members as speakers.
  • Jill asked Chris to check into it by asking them about it.
  • Twila broached the question of how it would work and if support staff would be needed.
  • Next agenda item is Ken talking about possible revisions to social media policy.
  • Ken hands out a printout of the original page 1 from the current social media policy and showing the changes he made based on feedback from David Lightfoot.
  • Ken reads the email from David which raises issues of who can grant approval for social media admins and who can provide access.
  • Wil noted that the VCCS requires that the same person cannot both grant permission and provide login credentials.
  • Discussion ensures about how IT is notified when an employee leaves CVCC and their Outlook emailed is deactivated.
  • Discussion about how that would work, as in how the PR person would be notified.
  • Some overview of how the social media admin process works from Facebook.  As in how the different admin levels are and how the upper admin people can delete a person’s admin privilege.
  • It is suggested that a new step from IT is necessary to notify the PR person.
  • It is determined that the PR person approves the admin person and then IT provides the login credentials.
  • HR notifies IT of who is leaving then IT will notify Ken.
  • Ken moves on to review the draft changes to the policy.
  • Proposed new wording is read out.
  • Committee members comment on the draft wording as it is being read.
  • Ken is marking down committee changes as the reading continues.
  • Wil says the data owner, Ken, decides who gets access and then IT provides the access.
  • The webmaster position will provide the login credentials.
  • Ken needs to make sure IT has all of the login credentials, or permissions for all of the social media sites CVCC uses such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Ken remarks that the policy does not need to be super detailed because the policy is meant as an overview and best practices and not the instructions.
  • Next the 24-hr. time lag is mentioned and whether or not a disgruntled former user could still post while the credentials are being deactivated.
  • The PR person will notify the person and carry out the action.
  • Group brought up possible concern about not deactivating a user in a timely fashion.
  • Wil elaborates on how long the HR notification takes.
  • Ken and Jill noted that they get an email notification and can remove a posting if needed.
  • Wil said there is no way to totally keep someone from posting a derogatory message. That vigilance on the part of the upper level admins will be necessary.
  • Ken mentioned how we sometimes get some Facebook messages that aren’t complimentary.
  • Jill suggests Ken and Wil get together to work the social media policy changes.
  • Next topic is the revised world-wide-web policy update.
  • Wil informs the group about a new WWW related policy that involves a consent policy where a person has to check a box plus a new cookie consent.
  • Wil says our WWW already has that capability and just needs to enable it.
  • Wil says he will review the policy again to make sure there are no other changes needed.
  • Wil also mentions the WWW content box and how we need to update some of the particulars.
  • Jill and Wil and Kimberly will work on this.
  • Jill next asks for any ideas from the committee to explore for the academic year.
  • Group agrees to think about that.
  • Jill mentions that the other thing we’re going to have to do this year is deal with all the changes about the college divisions and how that information is going to have to be updated in the web content, the printed material, etc.
  • Wil said he was in an upper level meeting and learned that we are not to make any changes to the division information just yet.
  • He adds that perhaps after the SACS review is finished in December.
  • Jill said we can work on that in the spring semester.
  • Kimberly asked about having a marketing table in the student center to engage with students and survey them “in-person.”
  • Meaning to have a person who can interview students in-person.
  • Maria suggested that there could be an unmanned table with a QR code to the online survey along with relevant handouts.
  • Chris suggests a plan to rollout the CTE Academy and to a larger extent to have a general plan in place for how to “rollout” a new program.
  • Chris says having a strategic plan for new programs could benefit the college.
  • As in a 10 or 12 step plan with a timeline.  Like if you do these things in this order, you will be successful.
  • Motion is then made to adjourn meeting. Meeting is adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
None at this time.
Survey's to go to Collins Friddle 
Ken Bunch (Recorder)
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