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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing
Meeting Date: 10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
Michele Fletcher
Adrienne Allen
Patti Saffioti
Ken Bunch
Jill Markwood
Maria Wright
Chris Bryant
Twila DeMasters
William Perez
Michael Farris
Pat Gatti
Kenny Holt
Kimberly French
Corinne Hoisington
Lana Velez
Kris Collins

Previous Meeting Minutes
Social Media Policy Revisions
Call meeting to order:
  • Review minutes from last meeting.
  • Jill reports online survey results have come back.
  • Wil suggests wording correction on minutes.
  • Motion to approve minutes. Minutes approved.
  • Jill segues to talking about the surveys.
  • She says two out of three have been done and returned. The one missing is the family one.
  • The results of the student survey were 117 results.  Jill then shows the demographics with some charts she created.
  • Mostly females that responded. Only 20% male.
  • Campus safety was the most important topic.
  • Clubs and activities moderately important.
  • Fitness facility was mentioned.  Food services got a noticeable response as did transportation.
  • Social life and student diversity were highly rated.
  • Jill reviews the totals using her graphics and numbers.
  • Discussion ensues about each topic and its relevance.  Group tries to draw conclusions from the survey results.
  • Michael makes comments about the graphs and how to interpret the data.
  • Group drills down more on the nuances of the results.
  • Wil asks about the statistics as in pluses and negatives. That perhaps the scale of choices wasn’t scaled properly, meaning there weren’t enough choices and the curve of the interpretation might be skewed.
  • Most important question is how do you find out information about CVCC.
  • Website rated high as a source of contact. Plus, direct emails. Banner on Wards Road gets a mention.
  • Jill shows breakdown, highest is the website. 
  • Wil states we have a mobile app, but it’s not used very much. It’s in the Apple Store. He says it doesn’t have a lot of value…that texting and emails are more effective.
  • Discussion about efficacy of the street vinyl banners.
  • Jill notes radio advertising was not well received. She also suggests putting hardcopy of the student survey in the Student Center for students to fill out.
  • Michael asks about potential for duplicate surveys.
  • Next question rates SM for use. Facebook was mentioned followed by Instagram. Also, YouTube.  Snapchat also mentioned.
  • Group discussion ensues about efficacy of social media.
  • How do they get their entertainment? Mixed results. No big numbers or clear standout. Cable TV placed highest.
  • Group talks about various advertising media.
  • How do you get your news?  Again, not a big response.  Most respondents say they Google their news.
  • Michael asks how long the survey was active…Jill responds…one week.
  • Alumni survey review next.  Total of 226 responses.  Very good response.  The alumni email list was effective in getting a larger number of responses.  More alumni events were of interest.
  • Jill states it comes down to helping with the alumni efforts.
  • Most people want to get information via emails or texting. 
  • Chris gives overview of enhanced alumni communications.
  • Jill asked about the alumni webpages. Different response topics were reviewed. Example: alumni club.
  • Jill concludes that these surveys are done, and the results are available for all.
  • Chris says that YouTube could get more of an effort from us.
  • Jill throws it to Ken about how the rewording of the social media policy booklet.  Those changes were to be made and final needs to be submitted to the Governance Committee.
  • Group approves changes to the social media policy. Ken to create a new file to submit to the Governance Committee.
  • Motion to approve the social media policy. Policy approved.
  • Chris mentions where we are with the CTE marketing plan.
  • Jill asks group what people need to rollout a new program and/or other marketing needs.
  • Jill closes by summarizing her outlook on surveys.
  • Motion to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.
Revised file of Social Media Policy booklet to come. 
None at this time.
Ken Bunch
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