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Committee Name: PR Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 11/19/2019 12:00:00 AM
  1. Adriane Allen
  2. Chris Bryant
  3. Ken Bunch (recorder)
  4. Twila DeMasters
  5. Kimberly French
  6. Pat Gatti
  7. Jill Markwood (chairperson)
  8. Wil Perez
  9. Patti Safiotti
  10. Maria Wright
  1. Kris Collins
  2. Michael Farris
  3. Michele Fletcher
  4. Debbie Gilliam
  5. Corinne Hoisington
  6. Kenny Holt
  7. Lana Velez
  • Approve previous meeting minutes.
  • Student survey updates.
  • Foriegn welcome flag pole banners.
  • CTE academy
Nothing at this time.
  • Chair brings meeting to order.
  • Chair remarks this will be a short meeting.
  • Wil mentions a change in wording for the previous committee meeting minutes regarding the CVCC app.
  • He mentions that it doesn’t really work well but is still listed in the Apple App Store.
  • Patti brings up the pole banner flags artwork.
  • Chair asks if there are any more changes for the previous minutes.
  • Adrienne asked about getting some dual enrollment brochures.
  • Ken mentioned that he could get some for her.
  • Pat said he also would like some.
  • Chair asks again if any more changes to the minutes. 
  • Pat makes a motion to approve the minutes. Motion seconded and carried. Minutes approved.
  • Chair says she has not had a chance to import the student survey results yet.
  • Jill said she is going to have Maria take a laptop to the student center and survey students in-person.
  • Suggestion was made to video the students as they take the in-person student survey.
  • Chairperson mentions having the PR committee create a marketing checklist for new programs could be the focus for the PR committee meetings for spring 2020.
  • As in how to introduce new programs to students and the public. What specific action items are needed for a successful launch, etc.
  • Jill said the only other thing for today is a mention that the culture committee had students asking if the colleges can post international flag banners on some of the outdoor poles where current CVCC student photo banners are now located.
  • Students asked if they could see a series of international “welcome” banners with corresponding flag artwork. The students then went to IT to see what countries the most international students come from.
  • So, Jill has made the artwork for the flags but can only afford to produce 12 banners.
  • The group discusses what countries and if the flags are correct, etc.
  • Jill said it would cost $2,700 to do 11 flag pole banners.
  • One side will be the welcome message with whatever country and then have the US flag on the opposite side. 
  • Patti asked if flag banners are legal to do, as in if the same regulations that are in place for the American flag would need to be adhered to for these pole banner flags.
  • Ken responded that since these are “graphics” of a flag, and not the actual flag of a country, that any special flag protocols are not needed.
  • Group discussion ensues.
  • Pat asked about designing a CVCC International Boulevard of flags. 
  • Jill explains which poles would be used for the welcome flags, as in along the main CVCC sidewalks.
  • Jill explains about how much work it will take to get the flag banners made and put up.
  • The group then segues to discuss which countries should be represented since we cannot do them all.
  • The group then goes down the list of countries and the IT report about how many students come from what country, etc.
  • Wil suggested eliminating other “English” speaking countries, like UK, etc. Because others are foreign languages.
  • Patty wants to get student demographics of the city of Lynchburg.
  • The group then seeks to verbally identify ethnic groups they know of in the city population.
  • It is suggested to take out Canada, USA, UK, and one more.  That leaves 12.
  • Pat suggests leaving out Japan.
  • The group debates which other country to omit.
  • Jill said to leave as is for now.  She asks Wil to get Evan to pull students demographics for the last ten years to better help identify which countries to include/exclude.
  • Jill remarks about how much the pole hardware costs. Each flag is $100 plus the hardware.
  • Patty found some online demographics and reads it to the committee.
  • Wil suggest getting ten fixtures and 20 flags.
  • Jill says that’s not enough hardware. That each flag needs its own new hardware.
  • Wil says there are not enough flags for a well-rounded representation of world countries.
  • Jill said she will investigate that.
  • Kim brings up if we can do a commercial video about alumni talking about how they got their start at CVCC.
  • Jill said that might be good for fall 2020.
  • Chris said getting alumni success stories is something we will work on.
  • Kim mentions having an incentive for alumni to come in and do a video.
  • Chris said we have started that process with some events we’ve already done between the culture committee and the educational foundation. He wants to get alumni engaged.
  • Patty mentions how they incentivize students to come to her workshops.
  • Chris reminds the group about the CTE academy coming in the fall of 2020, and how the PR committee could be involved in the marketing aspects of promoting that.
  • Chris says there is a marketing plan done for the CTE academy that was delivered to Greg Sullivan.
  • Chris says that is what we need to be marketing.
  • Motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.
Ken Bunch
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