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Committee Name: PR and Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 1/28/2020 12:00:00 AM
Ken Bunch
​Twila DeMasters
Michael Farris
Michele Fletcher
Kimberly French
Pat Gatti
Jill Markwood
Maria Wright
William Perez
Adrienne Allen
​Chris Bryant
Kris Collins
Debbie Gilliam
Kenny Holt
Corinne Hoisington
Patti Saffioti
Lana Velez
International Flag Pole Banners
Draft Marketing Plan for new Programs
None at this time.
  • Chairperson Jill asks committee to review the committee minutes from November 19, 2019, meeting.
  • No changes were suggested to the minutes. Motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion was carried, minutes approved.
  • Jill updates the group on the flag banners saying Dr. Capps has a decision left to make.
  • Ken asks if she is going to do the DPR.  Jill says she is using local funds.
  • Jill tells the group about the draft marketing plan for any new CVCC program launch.
  • Jill hands-out a draft plan.
  • To create the draft she used the marketing plan by the business department as a model.
  • She also used the EAB marketing plan template.
  • She asks what other questions people might want to add to this draft.
  • She explains it is meant as a marketing plan for rolling out a new faculty programs.
  • On the draft there are questions about marketing a new program that we would ask the program founder.
  • These are some of the questions Jill thinks should be asked.
  • Ken asks are the questions directed at the deans.
  • Others answer that with the new divisional changes that is somewhat ambiguous.
  • A remark is made that it is always good to know what division the new program is part of.
  • Example questions include: Who is the program director? Who are the potential students? Who is the target audience? What is the timeline for the program launch?  Who is paying for it?
  • Ken mentions the list of “free things” that can be done to promote a new program.
  • Jill wants to get something in writing for distribution as in what to do and when to do it.
  • Kim asks what if we have multiple programs rolling out at the same time?
  • Jill said each program would have its own plan based on the same questions for all.
  • Examples include Perkins and Learning Commons.
  • Jill says CTE Academy is coming up and that what this could be used for.
  • The core of the questions of the plan can be tweaked to fit whatever promotional need is required.
  • Right now we are just thinking about marketing new learning programs.
  • Jill asks the group to consider more questions and email them to her.
  • Regarding content strategy, what do students want to know?
  • Ken says we should tell them about features and benefits of the program.
  • And after we find out what students want to know, then we can create the best answer the questions.
  • As in what content channels are the most effective to reach the target audience.
  • Jill remarks that the department’s budget is important…if there is one. If not, there is a list of free things we can do.
  • The person in charge of the program is the one who would answer these questions.
  • Demographics will also play a part in designing a plan example; older vs. younger.
  • Next comes where do you want to put the money?
  • The next thing is about a possible timeline as in pre-launch, launch and post-launch.
  • Kim says sometimes programs get approved without anyone knowing all of this information.
  • Jill says that is true and that is why we need to have a plan like this.
  • Ken says at the end should be an evaluation section.
  • Jill says there is a whole lot more that is needed with clear definitions.
  • Jill doesn’t want to make it too lengthy.
  • Ken asks where do we want to be with this at the end of the semester.
  • Jill says she wants to have it pretty well wrapped up.
  • Jill suggests a sub-committee to work on this in between regular committee meetings.
  • Twila says we should add a question addressing if CVCC marketing would combine with other entities, like a partnership.
  • Ken reminds that even with the proper marketing some programs don’t get traction anyway.
  • Jill says on the back is the layout for defining the target market. Example is working with career coaches.
  • Jill explains the different forms of media.
  • What’s in it for me? What can I get out of coming here and taking this class? These are the things that need to be front of mind when developing a successful plan.
  • Group discusses the various forms of media.
  • Jill says from here we’re going to have the subcommittee refine this draft more by the next meeting on March 3.
  • Jill asks again for ideas and replies to make the draft better.
  • Jill hopes by next meeting and have a better version to review.
  • Ken says it should be a good tool if the program developers use it.
  • Jill says we need to make marketing efforts more streamlined and efficient.
  • Jill asks that workforce give a look, too.
  • Also, the center directors should review it.
  • With that the group discussion segues to a brief discussion about the cougar suit.
  • Following that a motion is made to adjourn.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.
Ken Bunch
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