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Committee Name: PR Committee
Meeting Date: 3/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
Michele Fletcher
Pat Gatti
Ken Bunch
Chris Bryant
Maria Wright
Twila DeMasters
Wil Perez
Adrienne Allen
Kris Collins
Michael Farris
Kimberly French
Debbie Gilliam
Corinne Hoisington
Kenny Holt
Jill Markwood
Patti Saffioti
Review new college program marketing launch guide.
Nothing at this time.
  • Substitute chairperson Chris Bryant begins meeting by reviewing the agenda items with attendees.
  • Chairperson comments that the purpose of the committee is unchanged.
  • Review and approval of last meeting’s minutes from Jan. 28, 2020.
  • Ken Bunch remarks there are no changes to the minutes from Jan. 28.
  • Wil Perez notes that the date on the WORD file of the minutes was incorrect.
  • Pat Gatti has a question to elaborate on what “new programs” means exactly. Is it new learning programs or new academic programs?
  • Ken Bunch responds that the launch plan would cover both types of new programs.
  • Twila DeMasters offers some insight and concurs that the proposed new launch plan should be for “any” new educational program…both credit and non-credit.
  • Chris makes a motion to approve the minutes from Jan. 28.  Motion seconded and approved.
  • Chris then moves to a “flag banners” update stating that the flags are ready to be ordered. He said once they come in, they will be put up on the long walkway in front of the campus.
  • Chris said he went to the honor society meeting and the students are excited about the flags project.
  • Next Chris begins a review of the program launch plan.
  • Ken Bunch remarked that some changes were made between meetings by him and Jill.
  • Ken said that career certificates and non-credit programs need to be included in the plan as of the time of the March 3 meeting, the documents just refers to “associate degree” programs to make it all encompassing.
  • Pat Gatti asks if there are already some policy guidelines regarding new programs in materials that are available to faculty and the deans.
  • Ken Bunch said he thinks there were no marketing guidelines.
  • Chris said he wants to see what program guidelines or checklist that the faculty and/or deans use when they want to create a new program.
  • Chris suggests getting a copy of whatever checklist exists regarding creating new programs.
  • Chris says that Ken and Jill are supposed to monitor the execution of whatever launch plan is approved.
  • Ken commented that this marketing launch plan would complement whatever program guidelines that are out there now.
  • Chris says that once the draft is completed that it needs to be send to two associate VPs for review, next it would go to governance committee and then to president’s cabinet. 
  • Chris says this would also help create talking points about the new program.
  • Chris says the second page shows a two months out timeline to launch a new program.
  • Submit draft concept for graphics and video goes to division chairs.
  • Ken said he thinks he two months is too long.
  • Chris says he thinks two months needs to be four months.
  • Chris says he wants Ken and Jill to decide on the timeline.
  • Regarding target audience, Pat Gatti suggests including local and state government legislators in the launch details. 
  • Chris wants to add a box for local, state and federal legislators.
  • Ken suggests perhaps including VCCS and/or peer CCs.
  • Chris said they should be approval and not the marketing part.
  • Wil said the VCCS probably wouldn’t be involved in any aspects.
  • Chris asks if there are any questions about the social media aspects.
  • Ken remarked that is should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Pat next asked what contact we have with the chambers of commerce in the area.
  • Chris said we are very connected to the local Regional Business Alliance.
  • Chris said to add a box for regional business chambers.
  • Pat suggests updating the document and then email it for a vote before the next meeting on April 14.
  • Chris said the document should be updated and then sent to the VPs. 
  • Chris asks if there are any other comments or new business.
  • Motion to adjourn, meeting adjourned.
Ken Bunch
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