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Committee Name: PR and Marketing
Meeting Date: 10/27/2020 12:00:00 AM
Chris Bryant
Ken Bunch
Michael Farris
Michele Fletcher
Pat Gatti
Debbie Gilliam
Hailey Hermosa
Jill Markwood
William Perez
Natalie Prue
Adrienne Allen
Kris Collins
Francie Dye
Kenny Holt
Patti Saffioti
Website CMS Policy
Program Launch Policy
See minutes
Approve Website CMS Policy
Approve Program Launch Policy
  • Jill call meeting to order.
  • Jill asks if everyone has looked over the marketing plan.
  • Jill shares screen and goes through the plan with the group.
  • Wil says he has to leave early and if we can do the web policy first.
  • Ken gives a background on the web policy and says this latest version has been reviewed and that this version should be the version that goes to the governance committee.
  • Brief discussion about the roles and the CMS and 508 standards.  Jill asks if we need to include a link to the government 508 website.  Wil recommends not. 
  • Jill asks about including the content administrators job titles.
  • Jill asks if anyone else has any suggestions for changes.
  • No one has any more changes.  Pat Gatti moves that the committee approve the new web policy document.  Ken seconds the motion. Virtual vote takes place. Motion approved.
  • Jill says she will now send the draft web policy to the governance committee.
  • The committee remembers to approve the minutes from the Sept. meeting.  Minutes are approved.
  • Jill then goes back to reviewing the marketing rollout plan.
  • Ken asks if he should leave the file name as draft.  
  • Jill says once the governance committee approves it, then we’ll make it a more formal document and post it on the communique website.
  • Back to the marketing rollout plan.  Jill shares her screen again.
  • Jill comments that the markups in red are the changes that were made since the last meeting.
  • Haley remarks about including some new language from the VCCS regarding minorities.
  • Pat asks if the items should be included in an opening summary statement that would apply to every part of the process.
  • The group reads the part in question regarding content strategy.  
  • Suggestion about asking a question…will minority owned businesses and students be affected or served by the new program?  If so, how?  
  • Jill does some editing to the program launch document for three questions in the beginning.
  • Jill asks for final input on the program launch document.
  • On the last page Patti added something about career coaches in the high schools.
  • Jill initiates the vote to approve the program launch plan.  The plan is approved to move forward.
  • Jill then asks the group about what the group should work on in the spring semester.
  • She suggests remote learning and that the committee members can think it over.
  • Ken reminded group that Chris wants a policy to name the buildings.
  • Chris describes a plan for an outline on what the strategies would be to name things at the college.  He said he is going to check with other CCs to see what they have done. 
  • Jill says the group can decide on that in the Dec. meeting. 
  • Jill asks if there is anything else we need to discuss. 
  • Jill adjourns the meeting and ends the Zoom meeting.
Ken Bunch
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