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Committee Name: PR-Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 2/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
Adrienne Allen
Chris Bryant
Ken Bunch
Francie Dye
Michael Farris
Michele Fletcher
Pat Gatti
Debbie Gilliam
Hailey Hermosa
Jill Markwood
Wil Perez
Natalie Prue
Patti Saffioti
Lee Tooks
CVCC New Program Launch Policy
CVCC New Website CMS Policy
CTE Academy
None at this time.
  • Chairperson Jill starts meeting with an update by telling the committee that the new program plan and new CMS plan were approved by the governance committee and are posted.
  • Jill asks about the naming of the buildings, which is something that was discussed in the committee at the end of the fall 2020 semester.  Chris explains his plan for the naming as part of his fundraising strategy, 6mos. to a year out.
  • The main thing for the committee to work on this semester is the marketing of the new CTE Academy.  She had Jason fill out one of the program launch plans.
  • Wil P. says it was interesting to read and review his comments.
  • Jill says we have to decide on whether we market each program by itself or the CTE Academy as a whole.
  • Also, we don’t know what the budget is.  The two new CTE positions will be driving the marketing efforts.  These two positions will be marketing to both businesses and to schools.
  • Jill asks the group its thoughts on this matter.  She says we can start working on the branding of it.
  • Patti asks if there is going to be any state money for marketing and Chris says no.  Chris said the foundation and the college may contribute some funds.
  • In Jason’s summary he alluded to funds being available.
  • Chris says this committee will make a difference by putting together a virtual event as a CTE “open house”
  • Each of the 5-schools systems already have a CTE program and CVCC has a working partnership with them.
  • Michele says we’re having our regular college open house in March.
  • Michael says the new CTE academy is something this group needs to jump on. That is why this is appropriate. We need to know the programs that are coming through. What opportunities are going to exist.
  • Francie says there is a list that Jason will provide to the committee.
  • Michael says G3 still isn’t a done deal.
  • Jill says she is wanting to get more information from the CTE program heads.  She will ask about doing both whole academy and program marketing.
  • Jill says we need to get the CTE principals to speak to the committee.
  • Francie says workforce will be blended in its offerings but is not directly specific to the CTE academy.
  • Patti mentions getting student testimonials to help market the academy.
  • Michael says the strongest piece of college marketing he has seen is the Learning Commons and that would be a good model for emulation.
  • Michele suggested a combination open house.
  • Chris says we should have the open house during the day.
  • Patti is going to check with the high school career coaches for their suggestions.
  • Meeting runs out of Zoom time.
  • Meeting comes back.
  • Michele tells Patti where the career coaches are.
  • Jill suggests a sub-committee to work on that part.  The subcommittee will include Michelle, Patti, Adrianne, Debbie
  • Francie says her new P/T employee could join the sub-committee.
  • Jill says she is going to get together with Jason to find out more about the programs.
  • Group discussions ensue about what the CTE programs are.
  • Jill says this is a good start.
  • Jill says we need to keep our CTE academy resources saved on Teams.
  • Francie mentions the one-door concept to benefit everyone.
  • The Teams group is named.
  • The next meeting is 3/16.
  • Meeting adjourned.
Kenneth Bunch
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