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Committee Name: PR-Marketing Committee
Meeting Date: 4/20/2021 12:00:00 AM
Wil Perez, Jill Markwood, Chris Bryant, Lee Tooks, Pat Gatti, Ken Bunch, Patti Saffoti, Francie Dye, Adrianne, Debbie Hailey, Michele
Approve previous meeting minutes.
Meeting the CTE Academy new hire.
None at this time.
PR Committee Meeting 4/20/21
  • Jill - I'm going to go ahead and start the meeting and hopefully some other people will come in has everybody had a chance to review the minutes from last time that care to review them.
    • All right, I need we need to approve the minutes so.
    • Motion to approve the minutes.
    • Who's going to second?
    • Chris is seconding OK alright approved.
  • Jill - Everybody I want you to meet Scott Pleasants and he's just been hired? When did you start Scott?
  • Scott - Technically, on the 10th but officially on the 15th.
  • Jill - Can you just tell people what you do because it's a little confusing as to who does what? I know there's 2 of you so if you wouldn't mind explaining that to everybody that would be great.
  • Scott - So I'm the coordinator of business partnerships and so there's one from what I'm understanding about the 2 different roles. One is spearheading a little bit more of the initiatives into the schools, whereas I'm actually developing those partnerships with businesses.
    • To look at what their needs are and then seeing what we can do to tailor and build up those partnerships, so we can help fulfill those workforces.
    • Uh gaps within in the area and then also to look at ways in which we can build new programs centered around them through the CTE program.
  • Jill - OK, and this may be a question for Jason. I'm not sure so just so we get understanding. Do you work with workforce development also or it partners all the? It's all one big thing now.
  • Scott - Yeah, we, are the one door concept, Jill and we're trying to move more to that right, not just say it but actually live it, and so, so Scott role.
  • Jason F- I think this really, it's noncredit and credit up. It's really I don't want to say that he's selling the programs, but basically, he's educating employers of what programs that we have. What is available also understanding what the needs are. What needs were not meeting and looking to facilitate some work-based learning opportunities like apprenticeships and internships and then the other major part of Scott 's role is job placement so whereas we have for so many years patted ourselves on the back because we had so many enrolled or so many graduated from programs. Let's finish that thing out and get him a job so that's really where we're you know going with this and then Jason Clark, who starts.
    On May the 10th, he is the coordinator of CTE initiatives and like Scott was saying his role is to really work with the K through 12 partners in the school. The vision is to try to facilitate some of that aspect of it because the CTE Academy is for everyone. It's for high school dual enrollment.
    It's for underserved underemployed now whatever student that that wants to attend and again. It's credit and noncredit classes. So that's the 2 roles, so if you think of Jason Clark, his role would be more operational. I guess daily operations, helping with some reporting and helping with the K through 12.
    Then also we want to add on, some like competitions like welding wars like we do. Now we want to add that on for other CTE initiatives and things like that. So, the way I kind of see this thing going in is you know it's kind of the 3 of us that are kind of working through the different aspects and we'll see kind of what's working and what's not it will tweak as we go, but you know, you, basically the professional career study. The vision with the CTE Academy this allows us to address all aspects of workforce you know.
  • Jill - Jason, you'd thank you. Are you going to be working with Sarah Jared at all? Just curious.
  • Yeah, so the plan would be to get Scott especially like but get everyone involved is this thing grows and work. For Sarah to be able to promote you know from job fairs and things like that.
  • Jill - OK great So what? When it comes to this committee and basically, we're trying to look at how we can help, because that's what we're here for us just to help whatever you guys are doing to market this. And then we're going to work with you guys to do whatever you need to. And of course. And then there's the regular marketing department, so. We're trying to figure out what all you guys need and how we can you know each of us break up our little areas within the marketing committee and sort of build from that.
  • Ken - So, for starters, like I mentioned in my email, the other day. We'd like to get some input on what you want your web pages to look like so the only thing we've really got now is the flyer that Jill made that that's still pending approval. That's the only content we have. So, if you don't really have anything that you want to put on there right now. I would probably you know take some elements. You know from that flyer to build the Web pages because also there's a draft press release out there that that still needs to be finalized and Chris has a goal of having the web. The Web page is ready when the press release goes out and I think we've kicked around the May first is that right Chris.
  • Chris B - Yeah. Ken I think you're right the window will be team May 1st and May 15th?
  • And I'm also gonna add that Natalie has asked me and I haven't forgotten you.
  • Natalie, I promise she's on here too.
  • Up to, UM, there's several new programs that need some images and some tweaking. I think a lot of those are part of the CTE program.
  • Jill - It looks like it by the names they are on my list. I'm going to try to get to him after this meeting. I'm going to start looking for images. Try to put him in those. Most of those will be temporary because as soon as we get students in here. As soon as we get back on campus, I'm going to be trying to get a lot of new images up and going up, and so hopefully we can get some new ones as soon as we get some students that includes this summer. You know some of these programs will have people here this summer and we can. We can definitely get some shots of them. I am shooting new ways, just heads up. I'm shooting everything I shoot. I shoot one with students wearing masks and the other without. So, I have the ones we have to use now and then. The ones we can use later.
  • But I haven't forgotten you, Natalie. Wherever you went. Yeah, I'm still on after graduation stuff. You're next.
  • Jason F - So, uhm, let's yeah sure. Can I just answer your other question real quick and let Scott maybe chime in for you to give you an idea? So, what I did, I took the logos that you all sent I sent them to Scott and Jason right to look at, I gave you my feedback on them. Jason UM kind of had an idea about kind of sticking with the CBC brand instead of trying to change it up and then he sent that to us and Scott played with it and just for the record here can back to your question wheels on here Chris already knows this. Scott background, yeah, he has a pretty extensive IIT background and designs and things and he is your guy here to help you with the marketing side of it so. Uhm he's like for example, we have a survey that's due from our go Virginia Grant. He's working on that done. He's done a phenomenal job it's not just the SurveyMonkey with questions. I mean he's got it nicely laid out. This is something that he can assist with as policy allows I guess.
  • That we Chris and I talked to will come into the conversation. Can I think too about you know one of the things we wanted to do like our workforce page right? Is to update that and get that looking up a little bit more. Pleasing cabal with images and pictures, you know, Geo you know, we already talked about pictures say so. Much and not the 8 point font. That's you know off to the side and you know, we need to really push this and get this CT Academy and get these things going so Scott can share with you all he can share the logo and things and he can share some ideas that we've talked about and just get your input and again this is nothing that uh. Yeah, they were, you know, definitive on right? These are just ideas that in talking with both of them that that we've come up with.
  • Jill - OK Scott, you send that to me and then we can get together and fine tune some things up.
  • Scott - Yeah, I will.
  • Jill - As far as the design colors, there's some things that are have to be this way. The colors for starters we have bots. We have certain things and then we wanted to look different enough that it doesn't just 'cause I have a regular logo that has a career technical underneath of it, just like everything else. And that's fine. The problem with it is it doesn't stand out. It just looks like the logo for everything else and so it just sort of it doesn't say CTE it has written there, but people visually are just going to sort of look at it and go, Oh yeah, that's the CVCC logo. So anyways, but we just need to get together after I get back from vacation. I won't be back till the 2nd and then get on it and you can send it to me. Today that would be great. What program did you use?
  • OK, yeah.
  • Scott - So basically, what I did is it just took what was just basically what was already in the style guide and just put career at CVCC off to the left and, of course I was gonna ask you if there was a style guide as far as the fonts and the colors for the as far as being able to get the right coloring scheme, but yeah, I can get that over to you today.
  • Yeah, 'cause once I I had to redo it in Adobe Illustrator and make it into a picture and then we have to fine tune it. And then it still has to go. You know, I still want to put something with it that makes it stand out separate still the same colors but stands out a little bit separate from the college logo or it will get lost.  That's the whole reason.
  • Yes, and whatever we decide on whatever we come up with and the slogan and things to go with it, the one thing I want to keep in mind too is you know our plan is to have you know like polos and the long sleeve type shirts and things that random. Yeah, to brand it because in this world you know when we go out and we talk to businesses and things like that, there's really not a suit and tie environment in most cases so that that brands us that that allows us to get the word out that really promotes the CTE Academy. But we need to make it appealing something that goes on the chest of a shirt right that it's not too loud or too cluttered and that kind of thing that means it has to be solid color to do that, and the and the lines, whatever lines are in the design have to be wide enough to be stitched, that's right.
  • Jill - Yeah, and so, but that yeah, we'll definitely keep that in mind. Whatever we end up with, we'll have it. You know, we'll look at it in every aspect that it can be used. We'll look at it in the negative space when it's used on dark, also used on light So, I'll make a reverse. Whatever we do, I'll make a reverse one and a positive one so that we can use it on a dark background also. So there when you know when I do a logo, I do a vertical one I do or as I know when I do it at everything so it'll all get tweaked and it'll be packaged up so that we will have the CTE logo to use everywhere, so does that sound good to everybody?
  • Ken - So, will are you going to make him a content creator from the Ms?
  • Will - Uh, we can do that. As long as he has a CC account that's not a problem. OK.
  • Ken - Just do you want to explain to see Ms to him or we'll do that another time or. Uhm, you know what?
  • Will - Yeah, yeah, I can reach out to him on another time, and we can go through that.
  • OK, so just briefly.
  • Will - Jason so Kentico content management system, the way it's been set up you know, there are certain limitations in the content area regarding fonts, especially so. I've mentioned that to you, you probably want to get acquainted with it to find out what you can do and kind of build on it from there, so just wanted to and just to piggyback on what Ken was saying and just to clarify the restrictions on the fonts and things they are there to ensure that we are accessible. Well, that's really what it's about because if we leave. It Willy Nilly. People will put crazy things in there, it just it just is what it is. You don't want that. People put yellow text on white backgrounds. 4-point fonts you just get some crazy stuff, so it's just really to kind of manage that at a more automated level.
  • No, it makes sense too.
  • Will - It makes it look more cohesive across the way you don't get loud fonts and crazy colors and things that nature is no it's actually a really good thing and especially with ADA criteria as well. Certain fonts are readable and some are not, so totally get it. Well, just one other thing and it's you know. If I'm elaborating on what Jill said about the logo. So the way we usually do something like this on the website is that when we introduce something you've probably seen the homepage. With the boxes on there, so we would have a big CTE Academy box there and you know the box needs 2 things it needs an image to go in the box and then it needs something to link to from the bottom. So, web pages that would link to this box on the homepage, which you know just at firstcblush here, you know it would be nice. Jill you know like you were saying, if there was one of your distinctive. CTE Academy logos because then that could go in the box that would be the first thing people see and you know, we don't really have any other images. Yet you know that speak to CTE Academy so that's we have some certainly because some of the programs have been, you know, been in existence for a long time. So, we certainly have some images.
  • Jill - So, the other thing is, Scott will present myself just a little heads up for anybody on here actually.  Speaking of ADA compliant, we have to create all of any syllable PDF. We have to create it. It's not fun. Neither one of us wish we were doing it but it's but we have to make them so that they are fillable and they are ADA compliant and they're all uniform. They all look very similar they're readable on for someone who's got visually impaired, so any forms that you or anybody else on here needs made, you need to go through either Will, Perez or myself. Just a heads up. Just need to know. If it is a form that can go on the web. That's Will he will do that. And I mean any form that can go on the web is better than a PDF, but so that's something you just need to know. I guess.
  • Francie - Hey, I have a question. In reference to that, so you know, we utilize your pretty much like the template that you guys have given us and for a lot of our Flyers and so I think at this point we're not really posting those on the website but we do use those you know pretty much to market and promote a lot of our programs through email messaging. So normally you know, I mean, we use that same template should we submit it be submitting those every time we do like data updates or maybe a content update that type of thing should we just run those by you, or I mean it wouldn't hurt and the forms that mainly the forms I'm talking about are actual forms that people have to fill out OK, but as far as the marketing and things like that we have a little more leeway
  • Will - As far as what we do it is just the state mandated that we do the forms that way.
  • Francie - OK gotcha and so I'll need the I need to check with Twyla because as you know, most of our registrations are actually done through the website West, but on occasion, we do have companies that ask us to just send the form and so they're actually completing the form instead of you know on the website so that may be something we may not have ever had you guys look at.
  • Will - Yes, is it a form, they're printing out?
  • Francie - Yes, well at sometimes I've known that it's not necessarily printing out. It's something on occasion where they're just typing in the form like we've created the form for them to type and you know, then they can just send it to us electronically.
  • Will - The reason I ask is if it's going to be printed out and not fillable there's a little less restriction from an Accessibility standpoint. So if it's just something to be printed out, then it's it's got a little more flexibility. And if it's something that's going to be filled out electronically, though, there's much more restrictions and stipulations that are placed upon it for its Accessibility requirements, so great, yeah, if it's something they're going to fill out electronically left.
  • Francie - OK.
  • Will - You definitely let Jill and I look at the very least, I can run it through the automated checker see if it flags anything and then just give it a quick spot check. Sometimes the automated checker doesn't pick up things so it. It is what it is, you know it's not a perfect science. But yes.
  • Francie - OK, great, yeah, we can do that OK thanks.
  • Jill - You know, I just thought about something. It would be really good for everybody on here to tell Scott who they are and what they do.
  • You know, so why don't you go ahead Francie and just tell like.
  • Francie - OK sure well, I actually met you I believe last week in the Merritt Hall Building. We were having a meeting so it was good to see you then and I look forward to working with you, but I'm the training coordinator. I'm one of 2 coordinators in the workforce depart. I oversee business and healthcare programs and my colleague there were sort overseas manufacturing trades and we also have a one part time. Healthcare pathway coordinator who works with both workforce as well as the credit EMS of staff. Instructors and then both teams have a program specialist and that includes Twilit DeMasters and Angela someone. So and we also have an admin person as well. Very importantly don't want to just leave her out, but Kathy Sanders. So welcome thanks.
  • Jill - And I'm Jill, I yeah, I'm Jill. I produce all the media and so I do the photography video and design. That's what I do in a nutshell, so I work for Chris in the marketing department.
  • Hailey - Hi I'm Haley Hermosa. I am the program head and faculty for our Health Sciences programs. So I teach myself many of the health classes and I also helped to manage the adjuncts who teach uh another big bulk of the health care classes. I also have the pleasure of working with Francie on RMA Medical Assistant program through the workforce division so that's me in a nutshell.
  • Pat  - Here, yes, I am yeah, I'm Patrick Gatti. I'm director of the Bedford Center campus. We have large early college program and also a good contingent of traditional students.
  • You have a twin brother.
  • I don't have a twin brother. I have five brothers but I don't have the twin. My older brothers are twins. I was telling Jason you and Gary Christy could do standup comedy together. Y'all are almost.
  • I didn't.
  • I'll have to I'll have to talk to you more about that.
  • OK.
  • Adrian - I'm Adrian Allen I am the center director for Amherst. I wish I had Pat’s space. 'cause I actually have 55 kids and I could have used 2 cohorts. Code could have had 2 cohorts this year. We just did our stuff but before I need your place path you want trade but what can't do with this pandemic so this whole other thing and that's all I know?
  • Jill - I think he knows Jason so pretty well Ken, you won't tell him what you do.
  • Ken - Ken bunch PR marketing coordinator so like Jill said she does the design work and sometimes we collaborate on the text. I'm also one of the Administrators for the website so just a quick rundown there each department has somebody enabled in their department. That is their content creator, and these content creators are overseen by, uh, the content owner. For instance, like Michael Ferris is the content owner for all the web pages that deal with enrollment, and so all those pages that deal with enrollment might have like 5 or 6 different contact creators like financial aid and counselors and things. So that's the way the system's kind of working now and So, Will and I are both administrators and we split up the content creators for the college between us and so we helped the content creators with things like source material. Jill helps with them with the images. It is set up so that content creator updates a page and it comes to either Will or I to review before we click the button and make it live so we hope to get you signed up in there So, I also do the advertising for our enrollment periods and that's all I can think of right now. Oh, uh, I do the press releases and things of that nature so and and and I work for Chris as well, so maybe I'll I'll throw it to Chris.
  • Chris - All right? They were happy. Good, we met already and the key again is going to have you on the seat.
  • Natalie - Hey, I'm Natalie I work in institutional effectiveness with Kris Ogden. I am in charge of handling the governance committees whose members the scheduling. The meetings and so forth as well as anything else. Kris needs me for I get to work with all these lovely people. At some point in some way since we kind of touch a little bit on everything going on in the college. And it's nice to meet you too.
  • Will - Yeah, I'm well Perez I work in it. I'm basically in the Webmaster my official title, I think is support. Uh application support uh but mainly I focus on web technologies so I do a couple other things as well. I'm also the Accessibility, police so you know if you're doing things for the Web or so forth. Sometimes I have to say, Hey, we can't do it that way. We gotta do it this way. It's not a lot of fun. It's tedious and a lot of people get upset 'cause they're trying to make something look a certain way, and Accessibility is all about making it accessible not making it look a certain way so that's sometimes at odds unfortunately, but Yeah, like Ken said I'm one of the administrators for the website. But I'm also the technical person. So, if you're having technical issues. You definitely want to reach out to me for anything with the website so Welcome to the team thanks.
  • Jill - Anybody have any other questions for the topic of CTE?
  • Yeah, I've got just to wrap it up.
  • When you're out there, calling on.
  • Your business partners? I mean, I'm get Scott. I mean, I guess it's still happening virtually, but.
  • Since that's the case, I mean, I'm assuming you want you know some web links to your web pages that you can give to people. That'll be like your online brochure since.
  • You know you probably wouldn't need a printed one right away.
  • But except well, Jill has that. That program flyer ready, Jill. We're going to get that printed up right into hard copy.
  • Yeah, and that that well, that's up to Jason, but I think that you know that's a document that we all know is going to change constantly.
  • OK, just.
  • Right, Jason?
  • You know Yeah, and also well before I forget 2 quick things.
  • Will and Jill we just on the on the EMS programs they just updated forms with syllable stuff.
  • So, I want to send those to you all. Yeah, so be looking for those. Well before I forget to tell you and #2 is talking about the website. There is some requirement. We can. That we have. I've gotta go back and look for G3, right? So, we have to have a web page up and running for something to for G3 as well, so that ties in with CTE is so I'm just bringing that up before I forget.
  • OK.
  • Jill - Aren't you guys? Guess what it's time for you guys have to pick a new chair.
  • Scott - Choose Jill.
  • That comes every year.
  • Ken - So just the five-year history going back. So, this is Jill third academic year of doing it. I did it two years before that and then before me there was Pat. Gatti so.
  • I'll second Scotts recommendation.
  • Jill - All favor say aye opposed you can't get. Out, well, you know what next year you guys have to come up with stuff. How about is? That a deal with everybody on here give me thumbs up. OK, so when we have committees, you guys have to step it up.
  • Whoever's on here next year. Some of you may be going off I don't know but Yeah, so 'cause we got a lot of work to do.
  • Agreed, everybody agreed. If you guys agree, I agree, right?
  • OK.
  • Let's do that.
  • Jill - All right, this recorder is that still you can.
  • Ken - Well, yeah, I mean, I'll keep going if you keep going since you're gonna keep going.
  • We like them already buddy. Yeah we will and yeah, happy new with it.
  • Jill - Yeah, yeah, we'll just do it that way. Who knows, we may just keep doing zoom meetings. They seem to be at least we can record them. So all right, you guys up any anything else 'cause this is the last meeting of the year right.
  • Yeah, I have an unrelated question, but somebody in this group might know the answer. I recently had a business reach out to me, wanting to know how they could get approval to post Flyers in the student center advertising jobs that they had available.
  • Surgery OK thank you. I knew that somebody would know.
  • Yeah, definitely all that goes through Sarah Jarrett. I don't know that they allow it. Yeah, per say, but I think Sarah Jarrett can help them with getting jobs announced in a?
  • Different way right.
  • They have to go through her.
  • And she she's wanting post them, I think.
  • They're hoping to that, but.
  • That's the way it is so.
  • Thank you alright if that's it, I'm calling for the meeting to be adjourned everybody.
  • Good with that.
  • All right.
  • OK Scott welcome yeah.

Kenneth M Bunch
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