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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing
Meeting Date: 9/14/2021 12:00:00 AM
Jill Markwood, Chloe Perez, Chris Bryant, Ken Bunch, Scott Pleasants, Will Perez, Michele Fletcher, Adrienne Allen, Pat Gatti, Debbie Gilliam, Patti Saffioti, Haley Hermosa, Francie Dye, Michael Farris, Natalie Prue, Rick Templeton
Kris Collins, William Holt
Approval of minutes from 04.20.21
Mentioned that new welcome banners are up
Overview of social media and using Hootsuite by Ken Bunch

Update on the CTE Academy by SCOTT PLEASANTS  - CTE Coordinator for Business Partnerships
Adding as a permanent member of the committee the title of "Coordinator of Business Partnerships". This position is currently help by Scott Pleasants.
Markwood, Jill:  I want to start out with everybody introducing themselves; we do this just one once a year.
(Everybody introduced themselves.)
Markwood, Jill: Alright, I think that's everybody. Welcome to the new year. I sent out the Minutes from last time; has everybody who cared to read them had a chance to look at them?
Gatti, Patrick: I move we accept the Minutes as presented.
Gilliam, Debbie: Second.
Markwood, Jill: Alright, and then what we're going to do now is Ken is going to talk about Hoot suite, which I'm sure most of you or like who, what? But that's how we organize and send out our social media. So I'm going to turn it over to Ken to talk about this for a few minutes.
Bunch, Kenneth: So just a little background on the social media: I came on board in 2015, and back then the counseling department had started a few of the social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook page, but also at the time allotted departments were autonomous. And then in that they did their own Facebook pages, so a person could come across one of those and think it was the official college Facebook page. We had to do some combining and deactivate some of those accounts. We finally got it to the URL that it is today.
I've been doing most of the postings, but this is just a quick overview of our Facebook page, and I've been doing most of the postings there. I think Jill and Chloe are going to start doing some more and I think I've enabled Scott Pleasants to be able to post. We can invite people to be editors, and I'm all for somebody requesting to be an editor because as you know the social media is all about content and we all want a dynamic and robust social media presence. But somebody's got to be out there taking the picture, somebody’s got to be out there making the video and writing the little blurbs that go with it, so the more the merrier.
Right now we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; those are the four platforms we post on, and up until recently, I would have to kind of post them individually. Some of them like Instagram and Twitter have specific image requirements and so forth, but a few months back Chris suggested getting this paid service called Hoot suite. The good thing about this is that you can post something to all your connected social media platforms at the same time. They call these different platforms ‘streams.’ (Ken shared his screen to show the different streams.) These streams show you what's been posted. Sometimes I don't post to all the streams, so this is a new post and then I would choose which platforms I wanted to include in that posting. It also has some other features that that are useful that I haven't used a whole lot yet: it's got a publisher feature where you can pre plan when your posts are going to incur (a date and time). There's various analytics that are helpful. (Ken showed analytic graphs produced by Hoot suite.)
This also has a team feature so recently we upgraded our plan to three users, and I created a CVCC social media team. Jill and Chloe Perez are on there- and me- so we're going to work together as a team to try and grow our social media presence a little bit. I don't think we can add any more people to the Hoot suite; I mean we could if we just update our plans (that costs extra) if Chris approves that- a department head or Scott or somebody- then we could look into that. Otherwise, I'm able to invite people to a platform on an individual platform basis. For Facebook, you need to have your own personal Facebook page before you can be an editor, I think it's the same with Twitter. With Instagram, I don't think they have anything extra; you can just post to Instagram. You also have to have your own LinkedIn account, and that's how I could invite you to be an admin.
Again, you know, pre-pandemic it was all about students, students, students. We always wanted photos of students and our special events, and things of that nature. But as you know, that's kind of gone away during the pandemic time, so from Facebook, for instance, we try and keep it topical. (Ken showed examples of posting material.) It's kind of turning into a little bit of a marketing-oriented content these days, but the new semester started, and Jill and Chloe are on the case, so we're hoping we get more people type of shots in there. We try and keep the ‘social’ in social media but you know, we can't be everywhere all the time. Sometimes I put out group emails to the faculty usually at the beginning of the semester, like “Hey, faculty, just want to let you know we would be interested in any events you might be involved in and any guest lecturer you might have;” again, that was kind of pre-pandemic. Marci sent a couple of photos from time to time on field trips that she's taken her classes on. It's interesting to note though, if y'all remember when that tree fell down back there where facilities is- I went and took a picture that the same day and posted that like you know, “Mother Nature strikes CVCC” or whatever, and that got over 2 thousand organic likes. That's kind of one of the highest ones I've ever seen, so go figure, but that’s an important distinction too.
When I put something up, or when anybody does, my state P card is tied to the Facebook account so I can boost postings and do paid advertising.
Markwood, Jill: Yeah, so when you boost it, it really puts [the post] out right in front when people go on Facebook and things like that- they see it right away.
Bunch, Kenneth: (Ken shows a Facebook graphic for boosted posts.) Right, but I wanted to show this little gauge; this view that you're looking at, this is admin view. I would have to go up here and change it- there's a selection for visitor view or something like that that they call it. Usually on a boosted one, there's a bar graph that shows how many likes or organic and how many are paid for and can't seem to find one right now, but that's kind of a snapshot of the way we've been doing it. Again, I think we want to try and grow our presence. I think chill and Chloe might be looking into joining Tik Tok or Snapchat or one of these other ones, but you know again, just to all the folks here: somebody's got to be able to feed the content machine and I think is a team effort instead of one or two people just doing the whole thing.
Markwood, Jill: Yeah, I agree. We need everybody on campus too- if you have something really cool or want to promote something, let us know. Do a little video and send it to us. Only a few people can do the hoot suite, but all you got to do is get it to one of us and we'll get it up there. I just thought it would be really good for the marketing committee to see this. Anyways it's pretty sophisticated how it works, but it's pretty cool. I think it does a good job. Does anybody have any questions? (Nobody had questions.) But you know we can hit all the media now, so if you have anything going on that you want to promote or anything fun- we definitely want fun stuff- or if you have a tree that falls in your yard, apparently. Whatever gets the most hits. So whatever you have happening, that's really cool. Sometimes we have to put some stuff up there that is about promoting classes and just letting them know about how to do something. So anyways, I appreciate it Ken and the next thing we have on the agenda is I wanted to get an update from Scott about what's going on with CTE.
Pleasants, Scott: Yeah, so the CTE Academy, we started out in April. That's when I came on board. Jason Clark came in right at the end of May, and so we are having to move extremely fast simply because the grant that we are all under requires certain milestones and deadlines to be hit within a certain threshold. One of the things that's really amazing about what's happening is that the business community is really embracing what we're doing. The big thing that we're finding is that it's not a skills shortage in our region that people are having. Most of the companies in the area, they're looking for general characteristics- basically just having a good work ethic. They said if you can get me somebody that can show up for work, that's what they're really looking for.
Coming out at industry we are actively looking and helping our programs here, working alongside of our faculty and our staff to help develop and to shore up how we can not only grow our current base of offerings but also encompass what traditionally has been looked at as workforce. Workforce training is going to become kind of a big emphasis for us, simply because it can move faster in a lot of ways because businesses have certain needs that don't require full degree, and so we're able to move with them and formulate some new strategies around that. So we've been tossing around, especially with a number of companies here. We are actually looking forward to having Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla in the region within the end of this year, which will be exciting. They'll be providing a number of remote working positions in our area. (Scott listed more companies we will be working with.)
And then lastly, as you guys are developing your strategy, let us know how we can come alongside you cause as we- specifically myself- as I'm out and about with a number of these businesses, we do really get down into the weeds with them and so we do value the input. We want to find ways in which we can better reach out to our community and regardless of our website, text messaging and everything that we have right now during Covid. One of the things that is if you can get out and about and you can start shaking some hands, people will rise up and call you blessed because they wanted to have a conversation with somebody. But if there's anything that we can do to help you, just let us know.
Markwood, Jill: Does anybody have any questions for Scott? (Nobody had questions.) We're excited about the CTE Academy. It's going to be awesome. It's based on programs we've had for years, and then they built on that, and it's also sort of worse with workforce, of course. It's credit and noncredit, right, Scott, it's a little of both? It's whatever the community needs as far as that.
Pleasants, Scott: It is, and the way I like to describe the noncredit side is kind of like club level sports. Club level sports, they don't have to adhere to NCAA so they can move a little bit faster and also meet the immediate needs of basically our constituents in the region. Because the goal is really this: the Community College is in a perfect place right now because prior to Covid we had all been talking about how “the Community College is going to play a more prominent role if it has the perfect storm.” Covid was that perfect storm, and right now there are people that are second guessing whether [they] should go to college right away so they're actually looking at the community colleges. We're seeing even a big shift of people with doctorates, masters, and bachelor’s degrees going back to Community College to get credentialed, simply because the workforce needs have changed. Our world is changing. So as CTE kind of comes into play, one of the things I'm most excited about is we have an opportunity to train up talent. But the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is we want to keep that talent here in the region to benefit our community, not somebody else’s. And that (our community) stretches from here all the way to Blacksburg. It's a big task, but with the team that is starting to come together, I think we're going to have an amazing opportunity to work together.
Markwood, Jill: Yeah, I think it's great and you know more and more employers are turning to where your degree is nice, but you have to constantly be getting reeducated and getting new credentials on top of credentials. Credentials are everything now and so you have to be credentialed in whatever it is you're doing, and then you have to do the next level. So that's perfect for the Community College. It's perfect cause no four-year college does that kind of stuff. We're the only ones that do it, and that's what we really need to show the community: this is where you go to get that. Whether it's through credit or noncredit- either way it doesn't matter. The students and the employers, they could care less if it's credit or noncredit. That doesn't mean anything to them. They just care about those credentials at the end. Cause that means more money for them, it means more certifications. It means everything that they need. Does anybody have any questions? (Nobody had questions.) OK, good. The other thing we have to take a little vote on- we need to add a permanent position to the committee. It's the coordinator of business partnerships, currently Scott’s Job. His position is going to become a permanent member of this committee because he does the marketing for that. He's part of the marketing team; he needs to be on here, so I think we need a thumbs up or thumbs down from everybody. (Everyone votes in favor.)  I see thumbs up all the way around, which I expected. Alright, I've already got the paperwork drawn up; I have to get it to Natalie, I have to get it to you, don’t I?
Prue, Natalie: So you can give it to me, but it just has to go to the CGC.
Markwood, Jill: OK, alright so then they'll vote on that. I think they meet next Tuesday and so that I'm sure will be approved and that'll be that. Does anybody have any new projects they want to talk about? Chris? Do you have anything?
Bryant, Christopher: You know, I appreciate the opportunity, but with what you said and what Scott was talking about, I think most of it is covered. I am happy that Pat Gatti has been pushing us rightfully and appropriately on some new information for dual enrollment and early college. And so that's the next thing that will work on in the next couple of weeks: not only for a new brochure, but also what funding opportunities are available now that the Pell Grant Assistance Project is going well. I do think that we have some work to do on early college and dual enrollment, but we're going to be meeting on that later this week. Ken and Pat have us lined up for a meeting, so those are the next opportunities we have that are things that we haven't already talked about.
Markwood, Jill: OK, sounds good. Pat, I have not forgotten your banners just heads up. If nobody has any other questions right now, we don't have a lot going on. We did a lot last year. and by our next meeting we’ll have more stuff to work on.
Bunch, Kenneth: So it so in the meantime, Jill, did you want people, if they have some ideas about what to work on, do you want us to email them to you?
Markwood, Jill: Yes. Well, you don't have to email them; there is a Teams site, has everybody gone to that yet? So you can email me directly if you want, or you can go to that Teams site and you can look in there. Everything that we've done is in there, if you go in Microsoft Teams and you look under the Public Relations and Marketing Team. You can also just post in there like a chat. When all this gets approved with the new position added, I'll add that to it.
(The meeting ended; Chris Bryant and Pat Gatti stayed behind to talk about finances without the recording.)
Chloe Perez
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