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Committee Name: Public Relations and Marketing Commmittee
Meeting Date: 10/26/2021 12:00:00 AM
Jill Markwood, Chris Bryant, Ken Bunch, Scott Pleasants, Will Perez, Michele Fletcher, Adrienne Allen, Pat Gatti, Debbie Gilliam, Patti Saffioti, Haley Hermosa, Francie Dye, Michael Farris, Natalie Prue, Rick Templeton
Chloe Perez, Kris Collins, William Holt
Approval of minutes from 09.14.21

Jill Markwood: New social media – TikTok and Snapchat have been added to the mix. We are looking for students to do some fun but informational TikTok videos. Nataile Prue's daughter Brianna volunteered to help with the first Halloween video. Brianna said do a CVCC TikTok challenge.

We need to come up with some rules for creating TikTok video.

​Jill Markwood: Introduced the rebranding and website update
Will Perez: Said it should be sometime in late spring when things are complete.
Francie Dye: Ask to be part of the process of the new website. Wants One-Door concept
Scott Pleasants agreed with Francie

Chris Bryant: Rebranding and new website are contracted to Access in Roanoke. First meeting with stakeholders is mid-November. Then schedule individual meetings with stakeholders, students, community.
Complete audit of all marketing and communications. Who is our demographics? What are they hearing and liking? Where are we falling short?
Chris Bryant: Foundation fundraising event in spring. Will include students out on the lawn.
Francie Dye: Talked about the possibility of combining the event with workforce.

Jill Markwood: Talked about the process that was used last time when a new website was developed. Also, spoke of the process that took place during the previous re-branding.

Scott Pleasants: Spoke of making sure we thought of adult learners.

Ask around for students willing to do TikTok videos
Jill Markwood
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