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Safety and Security Committee
Wednesday 02 May 2012
Present: Delta Aultice, Dr. Geoff Hicks, Dr. Jeffrey Laub, David Lightfoot, Cat Mobley, John Poole, Lucy Carter Smith, Michael Fein, Dr. Muriel Mickles, Ron Parker

Absent: Jason Ferguson, Judy Graves, Dr. James Lemons,

Lucy Carter welcomed those present and went directly to the agenda.

Fire Drills: Delta mentioned that the Safety Committee sets the dates for fire drills; she will investigate dates so that there are no conflicts. Lucy Carter will also examine the dates and send to Deans for any conflicts.

Use of Classrooms Outside of Class Time: Discussion centered around allowing students being in areas that would present liability issues for the College (pottery kiln, foundry, computer classrooms, machine shop, welding shop, and fitness center). Students allowed into these areas need to sign an assumption of risk -form to be allowed to use these rooms. Lucy Carter will send a copy of the appropriate form to Dr. Hicks to ensure that such a form is included in the syllabi all classes that use these areas.

EOP: The plan is complete, but there is a new requirement from the state for the template for the Plan. Lucy Carter -will compile the EOP in the new format.

Public Safety Radios: These are working well. The next drill will include testing them.

Alert/Notification Systems: Will be testing these in the near future.

Access Control & Surveillance Systems Project: Project is moving along. Committtee has examined every door on campus. The project will include re-keying entire campus and entire project will be phased in over several years.

Safety & Security Committee: The Governance Project has recommended that the Safety & Security Committee stay as is. May wish to have a member of Student Government report to the Committee on any safety issues.
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