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Committee Name:  Safety and Security Committee
Meeting Date:  Tuesday, August 28, 2012; Room 5141

Members Present: 
            Delta Aultice                Michael Fein                John Poole
            Don Bowman              Jason Ferguson                        Lucy Carter Smith
            Tom Bushley               David Lightfoot                       Connie Sublett
Members Absent:
            Cat Mobley                  Lana Velez
Old Business:
New Business:
Lucy Carter Smith was elected Chair of the Committee.
Mike Fein was selected as Recorder of the Committee.
Lucy Carter shared the Safety and Security Committee Mission Statement as well as the Goals and Objectives that had been approved by John Poole and Dr. Capps last year under the former structure (attached).  Several of the objectives have been completed. Those include:
·         The installation of fire alarms in locations on campus which during recent drills had been noted as areas where additional alarms were needed.
·         The integration of campus personal computers with the mass notification systems, Alertus and E2Campus.
Lucy Carter noted the need to establish a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) at CVCC. She stated that the back packs and supplies are on campus but classes need to be scheduled and partners identified to assist in classroom instruction.
Lucy Carter stated that the state requires those individuals considered “essential employees” be trained in the National Incident Command System. The minimum required at CVCC is ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800. CVCC is compliant with the exception of three employees. Lucy Carter will follow up with these.
The Committee discussed the risk to the College when students are working alone in classrooms where there is equipment that may be dangerous. Examples of such classrooms include the welding lab or machine shop. Jason Ferguson commented that students in the emergency medical services program sign a similar form. The fact that those who work out in the CVCC Fitness Facility are required to sign an Assumption of Risk form was also noted. Tom Bushley suggested that we have all students sign a form. David Lightfoot offered the advantages of tracking signatures through use of an online form in the registration process. Committee members discussed polling the CVCC Deans to identify which classes need the forms. Action item, Lucy Carter will research best practices and report to Committee next meeting.
On October 18th the College will participate in a state-wide earthquake drill. Information pertaining to the drill can be seen on the VDEM website at: Great SouthEast ShakeOut | Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM).  Chief Delta Aultice stated that we will be testing mass notification and emergency communication.
Lucy Carter added that on October 30, 2012 the College will be participating in the Regional Functional Exercise. There is much work to do to prepare for that event. State legislation requires that institutions of higher education participate in one functional exercise a year.
The CVCC Continuity of Operations Plan has been updated and now conforms to the most recent template from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Lucy Carter reported that it is a live document and some sections were not graded in the 2012 assessment prepared by VDEM. She stated that she is aware that these sections still need additional work.
Next Meeting Date:  Tuesday, October 2, 2012; 1:00 pm Room 5141
Submitted By:  Mike Fein
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