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Committee Name:  Safety and Security Committee
Meeting Date: December 6, 2012 at 1:00pm
Members Present:  Leticia Forster, John Poole, David Lightfoot, Jim Lemons, Don Bowman, Linda Adams, Lucy Carter Smith, Delta Aultice.

Members Absent: Mike Fein, Cat Mobley, Lana Valez.

Old Business: Minutes from the meeting on October 2, 2012 were approved.

New Business: Delta announced that Holiday Safety Day would be held in the Student Center on December 5, 2012.
Lucy Carter distributed and discussed the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and the approval process. She stated that she needed to clean up a couple of the charts and that she was looking for feedback by next Wednesday prior to the President’s Cabinet Meeting, after which it would be in the Board’s hands.  The State Board has delegated the approval authority to the Local Board. She also said that the plan is written in the same format at the City of Lynchburg and Campbell County and will work seamlessly together. The plan is written for Main Campus only, as local first responders handle the emergencies at the Off Site Centers.

Student access to facilities before business hours in the morning was discussed. Since normal operating hours are 7 am – 10 pm, the committee felt that these are the hours students would be allowed in access facilities and doors would continue on the same schedule.  John will send out an email to remind everyone and Delta will forward that message to students.

Access to the Fitness Center and Locker Rooms was also discussed.  John spoke about the Barnes and Noble and the Spot employees and suggested only their full time employees would be given access to the Locker Rooms. Jason and Jim suggested separating the Locker Room area from the Restroom and moving the card access to Locker Room area only, so that anyone would have access to the restrooms. John will look into what it would take to accomplish partitioning the two areas.  Lucy Carter will provide cards to Cassondra and Catherine in the Bookstore giving them access in the meantime.
Delta talked about Holiday Break Schedule for Campus Police and there was some discussion about occasional classes being held during break. John will continue to approve these on a case by case basis.

David wanted to know what the cut-off date would be for student access at the end of the semester. John stated that for Fall 2012 semester, December 20th is the last date and for Spring 2013, access would be stopped on Graduation day.  Looking ahead to Summer of 2013, access would be revoked on the last day of exams. Currently enrolled students would be added back on the first day of classes each semester.

Lucy Carter and David discussed the management of the access system and an update on the Assumption of Risk forms.  It was stated that Dr Capps had wanted each employee to agree to some responsibilities in order to get access to facilities during non-business hours. David also said they talked about merging Assumption of Risk with the Use of Facilities agreement. He pointed out that there is a need for a process to catch up current employees, but that all new employees will need to agree to this upon being hired. Students will not need the same forms and David suggested the Library take care of the Assumption of Risk forms when the card is activated. John, David and Lucy Carter will speak with Will Sandidge to recommend adding this to the card process at the Library. David will work with Lucy Carter and Leticia in applying the Assumption of Risk to the employees.

Lucy Carter announced plans to provide the CERT training for CVCC, starting with Building Coordinators beginning in February 2013 and the training is a total of 21 hours. She will reach out to Red Cross and the Fire Department for support.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2013.
Meeting adjourned at 2:10pm
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