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Committee Name: Safety and Security Committee
Meeting Date: September 3, 2013 Room 5210
Members Present : J. Ferguson; C. Mobley; D. Bowman; L.CarterSmith; M. Fein; R. Dove; L Velez; D. van Vierssen
Members Absent: T. Bushley; C. Parker; J. Poole; D. Lightfoot
New Business:
Lucy Carter Smith was elected Chair of the Committee
Dani van Vierssen was elected Recorder of the Committee
Lucy Carter stated that the committee needs to review the Missions/Goals and suggest necessary changes to make our goals more measureable (SMART). Committee can brainstorm and discuss at next meeting
Chief Dove discussed the security enhancements being made at CVCC. He received a grant to purchase protective vests for all officers. Additionally, a fully equipped police vehicle is scheduled to arrive on campus on September 25th.
The Department of Public Safety and Police has been restructured, which included moving Tina Boyd and Jeannie Engledove over to work as administrative assistants. Also, the department is transitioning to having more police officers on campus and will be looking to add additional positions.
Chief Dove is developing a set of policies and procedures for the department, as well as improving the proper documentation of incidents on campus.
Chief Dove gave a summary of results from survey sent out in July, which indicated that parking and officer visibility were issues on campus. Focus group said they had an increased perception/confidence in police from <50% to >75%
Lucy Carter stated that Code Blue outdoor emergency phones with speakers and blue lights on top are being purchased and will be installed. This will enhance the College’s capability to provide emergency notifications to individuals outside. IT is spearheading the project. Some of the boxes will be on buildings while some located in “towers” along walkways. She added that that all exterior locations for emergency notification boxes that will go on buildings have been marked.
Lucy also mentioned that Tom Bushley did an inventory last year of interior locking capabilities in classrooms/offices, she will ask Tom to provide an update to the Committee at the next meeting..
Lucy, Russell & Judy Graves, Dean of Student Services attended a FEMA Class (L363 All Hazards Emergency Planning for Institutions of Higher Education) at VWCC and want to host @ CVCC. They are currently gauging local interest. We will know at end of the month if CVCC has been selected as the site for the next training
Lana Velez asked about hosting a Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D) training at CVCC.
Chief Dove also revisited the need for a “Care Team” and a “Threat Team” at CVCC. The group agreed that the functions of the 2 groups were different and that the committee supported the separation of a “Care Team” and  “Threat Team”
Next Meeting: October 1, 2013 Room 2205
Submitted by: Dani van Vierssen
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